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FUSIPIM SDN. BHD. ( 523296-W )
Address: Lot 9224, Batu 4 1/2, Panchang Bedena, 45300 Sungai Besar, Selangor Darul  Ehsan, M’sia.
Tel: +603-3224 2045 (Hunting Line)
Fax: +603-3224 2253 / 603-3224 2578
Website: http://www.fusipim.com
Email account : sales@fusipim.com , ben@fusipim.com , crystal@fusipim.com

About Us
FUSIPIM SDN BHD is manufacturer of prepared ethnic food and frozen seafood located in Sg. Besar, the western coastline of Selangor.

Originated as a mom & pop setup in 1988, the family with a few helpers started dishing out their family recipe to friends and some small sundry shops as customers. True to its unique tastes and texture, their offerings delighted the hearts of many.

As words traveled, orders increased prompting the family to seriously consider to do business, which they did in 1993 with the purchase of three acres industrial (current) land, hired more staff, introduced machinery to production execution and rolling out more products with more flavors.

Soon it was the neighboring state, then slowly up north followed by down south of the country, these demands fueled and funded the strategic expansion but it was also the turning point to branding from an o.e.m. provider.

Unusual interests were shown by local and overseas distributors to have us pack our products in their package labeled with their brands. The need to protect, maximize and manage our products’ commercial longevity led us to the forming of FU FROZEN ENTERPRISE SDN BHD whose sole responsibility is to market the FUSIPIM brand, managing the portfolios of distributors and network of retail clients.

FUSIPIM’S vision is to introduce its products to the global markets, types of food and tastes that appeal to almost everyone who comes into contact with.

The strategic mission to accomplish is stressed in our official slogan “Bite to Believe, Taste for Everyone” .

FUSIPIM’S management is entrusted to develop The Company’s operations capabilities and capacities from food research and development, implementing researched results into mass production, maintaining their original taste, flavour and freshness ready for world wide distribution consistently.

Besides meeting the international manufacturing standards, the Company challenges itself by discovering new tastes that appeal to everyone in diverse cultures and geographies.

To achieve The Company’s vision, the management has set up three primary goals in its mission:
1. Applying Best Food Manufacturing Quality Practices in its entire operation.
2. Developing an extensive distribution network, globally.
3. Making FUSIPIM brand and its products famous and popular.

FUSIPIM’s pioneers who sits in the Company’s board has charted prudent business policies which the current day management team had effective built their strategies upon is reaping positive affirmation from Small and Medium Industries Development Corporation (SMIDEC) and Deloitte Kassim Chan by being awarded the prestigious Enterprise 50 in addition to the Golden Bull Award.

These awards recognize the achievements of FUSIPIM as Malaysia’s enterprising homegrown companies, which are well positioned for the future. The recipients’ are selected from amongst the nominations received, and the evaluation is based on the companies’ management and financial performance.


Premium Series
King Crab Claw / 蟹皇钳
Salmon Fish Ball / 三文鱼丸
Seafood Tofu / 海鲜豆腐
Thai Vegie Fish Ball / 泰式菜丸
King Crab Roll / 蟹皇柳卷
Chikuwa / 竹轮
Mini Chikuwa / 迷你竹轮
Imitation Crab Claw / 蟹 钳
Imitation Shrimp / 原 哩 虾
Cheese Fish Roll / 乳 酪 鱼 卷
Long Chikuwa / 长竹轮
Cheese Fish Tofu / 奶酪豆腐鱼

Ball Series
Fish Ball / 鱼丸
Prawn Ball / 虾丸
Cuttlefish Ball / 苏东丸
Vege Cuttlefish Ball / 苏东菜丸
Fried Fish Ball / 炸鱼丸
Beef Ball / 牛肉丸
Crab Ball / 螃蟹丸
Fried Fish Roll / 中果
Vegie Fish Cake / 菜鱼饼
Crab Cocktail / 蟹枣
Lingo Fish Cake / 菱果

Breaded Series
Breaded Crab Drumstick / 香脆螃蟹棒
Breaded Squid Ring / 香脆鱿鱼圈
Breaded Prawn Sausage / 香脆虾香肠
Breaded Fish Finger / 香脆鱼条
Breaded Crab Finger / 香脆蟹柳
Breaded Crab Ball / 香脆螃蟹丸
Breaded Cuttlefish Ball / 香脆苏冬丸
Breaded Fish chip / /香脆鱼肉片
Breaded Mini Fish Chip /香脆迷你鱼扒
Breaded Fish Nugget / 香脆鱼扒
Breaded Prawn Nugget / 香脆虾扒
Breaded Crispy Nugget / 香脆炸包

Classic Series
Celery Roll / 香菜卷
Seafood Ball / 海鲜丸
Crab Bean Curd / 蟹付竹
Lobster Dumpling / 龙虾扒
Special Bean Curd / 四色扒
Turnip Roll / 沙葛卷



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