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Frioteis, S.L.
Address: Camino Do Laranxo, 17, A Riouxa – Teis, 36216 Vigo, Pontevedra, Spain
Phone: +34 986 45 02 52
Telephones: +34 986 458 048 / +34 986 450 252 / +34 986 453 111
Fax: +34 986 453 397

· General Direction/Shopping/Commercial: (Móvil) +34 629 057 865,
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About Us
Welcome to the new website of FRIOTEIS, SL. Specialists in frozen storage in Galicia.
– Placed in Vigo, the Spanish capital of the fishing, FRIOTEIS offers an excellent environment to facilitate the development of the trade of frozen merchandise. Their facilities make possible that the process, from the unload of the merchandise, up to his expedition is done in the best conditions for the product´s conservation.
– Located near the main communication networks (A-9 Freeway, State highway N-550, access to the port of Vigo by two great entrances) FRIOTEIS, facilitates to the transports a comfortable and fast access to their facilities.
– More than fifteen years of experience like coldstorers, guarantee to us, and we know the necessities of our customers, which has served so that these they trust the care to us of their products until they are sent in a transport towards its destiny, with the commitment by our part from which its merchandise, in our freezing chambers are going to receive the most suitable treatment for its conservation and integrity.

Who we are?
– FRIOTEIS, S.L. began its activity as a cold store in 1992. Since then we have been adapting our skills and capabilities to satisfactorily solve the logistics problems of any frozen fish trader.
– Placed in an ideal location for the development of frozen fish trading, we have been observing the changes occurring in our environment, both general and self specific in our industry. We are committed to keep up the level of need for our customers, and to comply with the provisions of the Authorities that affect our business. To do this, we do not hesitate to provide ourselves with resources and facilities that allow us to be efficient in carrying out our work, and to explore best practices to give the desired level of quality to our service.
– We hope to fulfill your expectations and we are at your disposal.

– We are licensed as customs warehouse of Type A, to facilitate the transactions of goods proceeding from third countries, in addition to Health Record with Key 12, which allows us to perform storage, sale and processing of frozen products from fisheries, shellfish and aquaculture, and key 40, as a store versatile and allows us to store frozen food products of different nature, in addition to fishing.
– We have obtained certification under the UNE-EN-ISO 22000, as the UNE-EN-ISO 14001 2004(Management System for Food Safety, and Environmental Management System, respectively) the field of frozen food logistics operator.
– We struggle to support a formative level of our crew, according to the legal requirements as for health and risk prevention, and especially, in adapting to the new trends of the environment, and to apply in our operative the offered advantages, both in equipments and in knowledge.

What can we do for our customers?

Mainly, solve the issue and storage tasks efficiently.

Our main services are:
– Frozen goods Unloading of trucks and refrigerated containers Classification by species, size and presentation.
– Pallet Preparation loads of goods, labeling for export.
– Transshipment of goods from one transport to another.
– Detailed inspection of goods, sampling and retail price tag.
– Repackaging of goods.
– Glaze of frozen fish blocks.
– Power supply to goods containers with pallets and transport crates (for large fish).
– Storage of frozen goods, nationally, members of the EU and third countries, the latter with the possibility to remain under a customs warehouse.
– Recruitment of short distance transport (metropolitan area Vigo).

In any case, we will hear any proposal to adapt to the way we work and the needs that may arise.



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