Frio Puerto Valencia S.L.



Frio Puerto Valencia S.L.
Address: Ampliación Muelle Sur – Puerto Valencia (Frente P.I.F), 46024 Valencia
Tel: +34 963 673 515
Fax: +34 963 240 873

About Us
Friopuerto forms part of the Romeu Group, and consequently counts with the support of almost 100 companies and over 1.000 professionals in the logistic sector. Already in its fifth generation, the group supports Friopuerto in numerous activities: transport and distribution, consignments, customs agency, inspections, storage, container and bulk terminals, among others. The Romeu Group, leader in the Spanish market of goods logistics, is established in Spain, Portugal, Tunisia, Algeria, Argentina, Mexico and China.

Friopuerto is situated within the Port of Valencia complex, next to the Container Terminal and opposite the Logistic Activities Area and the Border Inspection Post (P.I.F.). This privileged location positions Friopuerto as the ideal place to store all types of food and agricultural products at different temperature ranges, resulting in faster sanitary inspections while guaranteeing maintenance of the cold chain at all times.

The Port of Valencia. Valencia is the natural port for Madrid, and it has the largest hinterland of all the ports in the Iberian Peninsula. Its privileged location makes it the first and last port of call for major Shipping Lines between America, the Far East and West Africa. Furthermore, over 140 scheduled services connect the Port of Valencia with more than 850 ports on the five continents.

Handling: With a dynamic service, the best resources and the latest in technology, Friopuerto provides services as weighing, classifying, packaging, labeling, picking orders and other related activities. In the handling plant, frozen seafood is prepared and other related services are provided.

Product traceability: Friopuerto adapts to the requirements of EC Regulation No. 178/2002. Entered into force on January 1st 2005, it establishes the general principles of food processing, including safety and traceability requirements. Thanks to these strict procedures, Friopuerto is able to control products in real time and trace them at all stages of the supply chain.

Following-up goods: Friopuerto offers the choice to follow-up and control goods at any time on the internet, using EDI or a browser.

Quality control and management: Independent food and agriculture certification companies as well as quality management organizations vouch for the quality control and services offered by Friopuerto. Control and analysis of incidents are also provided.

Financial advantages: Being a bonded cold store, Friopuerto offers the possibility to store import goods and deferring the corresponding payment of taxes and tariffs until the goods actually leave its premises.

Fiscal representation: This service, which is aimed at foreign exporters who want to sell their goods directly in Spain and do not need to have its own necessary staff or infrastructure, enables them to sell their already nationalized product (with taxes and tariffs paid) and saving their clients the trouble of import procedures. There is a significant competitive advantage for exporters who contract this service.

Friopuerto has a covered area of over 8.000 m2 with a storage capacity that exceeds 50.000 m3 at different temperature ranges. It also counts on a seafood handling plant as well as 1.700 m2 of office space at the disposal of its clients for commercial activities. With the capacity to store 15.000 tons of produce, Friopuerto is equipped with three cold-storage chambers for frozen products (from -35C to -18C), two bitemperature cold-storage chambers (from -21C to +12C) for frozen and refrigerated products, one chilled room for refrigerated products and cross-docking services (at + 5C), and a seafood handling plant (at +10C).



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