Frigorificos Oya, S.A.



Frigorificos Oya, S.A.
Address: Camiño Novo o Mar, 1. 36320 Chapela-Redondela-Pontevedra
Tel: (+34) 986 452 700
Fax: (+34) 986 451 366

FRIOYA is a Logistical Storage Area Located on The Bay of Vigo(Pontevedra,Spain), specialised in internal logistics on frozen, precooked, refrigerated fish and shellfish, etc.

FRIOYA is beginning to look like one of the most important storage centres in the area, with an installed capacity of 135,000 m3 (84,532 m3 robotised) refrigerated and with freezing stores from +12 ºC up to -30 ºC ( from 53.6º F up to -22ºF).

Strategic Communication(s) Centre, with excellent infrastructures:sea routes, airport(10 miles far off), A9 motorway(motorways and Atlantic Freeways) and railway. Specialists in the handling of frozen fish and shellfish, tunafish, and swordfish in bulk, palletised and precooked cephalopodsand mollusks. FRIOYA is also an official customs warehouse and E.U. Bordering inspection Post. We have sanitary records for fishing, agriculture, and frozen fish at our disposal.

Technical Characteristics
• If you want to see the facilities of Frigoríficos Oya . Click here
• Our own 200 metres wharf , with a 9 metre draught ( in equinoctial) equipped with our own slipway cranes, connection boards with tension sockets to supply electricity to fishing boats, and entrances for potable water to supply to all types of ships.
• 135.000 m3 total refrigerating storage capacity, divided into: a robotised freezing store of 84.532 m3 for the storage of 13.102 pallets, with exit and entrance circuits in parallel and independent; and nine conventional cold stores with a universal access with a 50.468 m3 storage volume.
• Availability of conservation cold stores for frozen and fresh fish and for maturation among +12ºC, – 5ºC and -30ºC(among 53.6F and -22 ºF).
• Computerised weighing systems in real time of palletised units and trucks, including a weighingbridge of 60 Tns.
• 12,400 m2 of useful area divided into two stories, destined for classification, transformation, container, packing, etc.
• 1.323 m2 of surface expedition trucks area, equipped with eight load jetties with independent hydraulic platforms for simultaneous load. Automated Picking System in the jetties load.
• 10.300 m2 of surface destined for trucks and containers parking.
• Laboratory equipped with quality control, inspection, and sampling.
• Offices, parking, and service area for clients available.

Customer Services
• Unloading and loading of vessels, trucks, and containers.
• Integral services: handling, classification, glaze, packing, health control, storage, and distribution.
• Process monitoring and weighing control in real time. Computerised administration of stocks in real time.
• Computerised administration of cold stores.
• Customs and sanitary procedures.
• Access control and 24 hour security patrol ( including weekends and public holidays).
• Stowage and unstowage services.
• Electrical supply for containers and ships. Potable water supplies to all types of ships.
• Integral solutions to your transport assistants( pallets, containers/boxes with / without serigraphy) trucks/containers,…
• Possibility of remote controlling goods, delivery notes, and our own invoices through the internet. Each company has the possibility to admnistrate its own goods through the internet.



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