Frigoríficos Amaro Gonzalez S.A.



Frigoríficos Amaro Gonzalez S.A.

Address: Estrella Polar, 1-3., 03007 Alicante, Spain
Tel: (+34) 965 100 555
Fax: (+34) 965 113 155

AMARO Delegación Canarias – Canary Islands Delegation
Avda. de las Petrolíferas, s/n., Oficina 4, (Frigoluz) Puerto de la Luz, 35008 Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain
Tel: (+34) 928 468 443
Fax: (+34) 928 467 724

AMARO Delegación Galicia – Galicia Delegation
Address: Lonja de Grandes Peces y Bajura, Oficina 10 Bis. Puerto Pesquero, 36202 Vigo (Pontevedra), Spain
Tel: (+34) 986 454 242/986 454 243
Fax: (+34) 986 454 205

Evaluating the past, projecting the future
The Amaro Group was established in the mid 1920s as a small family business in Alicante that focused on animal feed and cereals. Today, it´s a large business group with spacious cold stores and food processing halls that operates in the five continents.

The values of work and enthusiasm have been passed down from generation to generation, growing on a daily basis, relying on state-of-the-art technology as it applies to our products, food safety and total quality, with a firm commitment to continuous improvement.

We make a strong effort in finding the best prime products and making them available to those who value the reliability and safety we impose on all our processes. To do so, we negotiate in markets, fish auctions and ports around the world, managing the process first-hand, from obtaining the product, through processing, packaging and storage, to its transportation to the final destination, offering our customers a full scale management throughout the course of their food chain.

We enjoy working as a team, with perseverance and dedication, alongside our suppliers and customers, to achieve long-term commitments, dealing respectfully and honestly, and participating together in a project for the future that has been forging steadily for decades.

The Amaro Group´s facilities include 30 loading docks and a customs warehouse. In it, more than 73.000 m³ of cold stores designed to house any type of seafood product are equipped with freezing tunnels and processing rooms. They also include all types of specialised machinery for loading, unloading and classifying products.
73.000 m³ of refrigerated facilities

Seafood Division – At sea level
Amaro´s SEAFOOD DIVISION, the Group´s flagship, is prepared for any market demand. It has its own processing, freezing and preparation centres, which are up to date with the strictest health regulations.

We provide our customers with the finest fish and seafood of the highest quality, making sure that our products reach the consumer´s table in perfect condition, assuring complete satisfaction.

The synergies of our company divisions allow us to address a large number of projects of various sizes within the food management industry. Some of the services we are able to offer are:

– Selecting the best raw materials at origin
– Handling and processing foods in special rooms
– Freezing and packaging products according to each customer´s needs
– 73.000 m³ of cold storage
– Customs warehouse
– HORECA channel food distribution



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