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Frigorifica Botana S.L.
Address: Calle Muelle San Diego P Puerto , A Coruña, la Coruña, 15006, Spain
Phone: +34 981 13 58 08
FAX: +34 981 135 475

Frigorifica Botana is a large fridge warehouse located at the port of A Coruña, specializing in seafood processing and logistics services.

The company, heir to the ancient Coruña Refrigeration Company, has adapted to changing times becoming hard craft processes in automated production systems and storage. His latest venture is a modern IQF processing line, up to 6 tons per hour.

From past to present Frigorifica Botana has come a fascinating and unique journey through the cold … You come to know ?. Abrígate.

Where we are
We are in the facilities of the port of A Coruña with excellent access to the entrance and exit of the city. This location has contributed to a large number of our customers belong to the port activity, although our logistics services are used daily by businesses in different sectors.

Our address: Refrigeration Botana. Pier San Diego, s / n., CP.15006. A Coruña.

Ground services
Meet Frigobotana is to know our spaces. We have a facility of 5000 m2 located in the heart of Coruña port area. Cold rooms for 6000 pallets, line fish IQF freezing, picking area, offices … all spaces have been distributed seeking the highest level of operational and quality possible.

But know also understand the way we work. The process begins when the products enter our ramps or freezing lines. It limited to store or process, is insufficient … We must keep intact all nutritional value, texture and flavor. That’s the big difference Frigobotana. We care especially delicate cold chain, but also are aware that every client needs an individual service tailored to their specific (time, product, etc). How do we manage ?. Check it diving for our services.

Storage / handling frozen
We have two cameras equipped with mobile shelving storage for 6000 tons to -22. In addition to its organization and offer maintenance services handling fresh and frozen, over which we have extensive experience with the work done in the Meat Company. From downloads containers or product classifications through Etiquetajes, embedded processes … we take care of any handling frozen you need. See quote covering the form that follows and indicating a telephone number in paragraph subject

Blast freezing
Within the facility we also have two tunnels supply air at -40 with a freezing capacity of 15 tons in 10 hours each. After this freeze, if the customer wishes, we perform all the processes subsequent preparation of frozen product from the packaging to storage in cold storage.

The experience we have gained in this type of process and adaptation to the particular needs of each client allows us to offer a service guarantee, increasingly demanded by our customers, allowing them to outsource their logistics processes and focus on their core activities .

This procedure, also known as Individual Quick Freezing or individually quick frozen, is our last big gamble.

The advantage of the process is that the micro-crystals of ice formed within the cells of the tissues of the food is very small, which prevents the cell walls to rupture. This allows the product to thaw there are no spills cellular fluids, ensuring a texture, nutritional value and identical to a freshly caught product flavor.

By employing this system freezing products not also need any preservatives for storage and thanks to rapid temperature drops drastically reduce the presence of microorganisms.

Benefits of our process (phases):
Our IQF freezing line, with capacity to process 6 tons of fish per hour, provides a number of added values ​​for own of IQF freezing. Most of these benefits are obtained from our rigorous freezing process whose phases are:

– Washing: initially washing the product is produced to remove own waste handling loads (before freezing).
– Selection: Separation of mixed species that may come with the product as well as broken parts.
– Freezing: The fish is processed in brine freezing at -20 ° C in a time of around 38 minutes. The ability of the opened line amounts to 6000 kg / hour.
– Washing: A second wash to remove excess salt will corrode the skin and scales.
– Pre-cooling and frosting: Drying and cooling of air in a tunnel leaving it ready to attach the protective glazing layer.
– Drying tunnel to -37 for fixing the glazing layer and the fish reaches its optimal temperature. This process occurs 55 minutes after its entry into the pond freezing.
– Bagging and boxing. In tare weight hoppers without human intervention.
– Palletizing and storage. It is done in our cameras ensuring the maintenance of the cold chain. The pallets are coded by EAN 128 label and RFID tag for your control.

This service also provides added value: NO COMMERCIALIZE product, ensuring the utmost discretion and reserves for commercial information.

The picking or order picking process is another of our our specialized services. Being an intensive process usually labor we have optimized its performance through complex multi-reference picking systems including excellent care of the material.

There are two elements to optimize and maximize this hard task:
– A modern information system that allows us to run an orderly and efficient manner.
– Systems and mobile shelving storage that simplify work and minimize product movement relative to other types of storage.

All picking processes are carried out within the cold storage, so that at any time the product is subjected to uncontrolled temperature conditions.



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