FisherGold Sdn. Bhd.



FisherGold Sdn. Bhd.
Address: Plot 117-118, Lorong Perusahaan Bukit Minyak 12, KawasanPerusahaan Bukit Minyak,14100, Seberang Perai Tengah, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia.
Tel: 04-508 4482, 04-508 4496
Fax: 604-508 4785

Email: ( Fishergold Sdn.Bhd. ), Fishergold Food Industries Sdn.Bhd. )

The successful FisherGold group is consists of FisherGold Sdn. Bhd. and FisherGold Food Industries Sdn. Bhd. FisherGold incorporated in Malaysia as one of the largest private-owned seafood company from Penang.

FisherGold Sdn. Bhd. having about 2000 tons of production capacity based seafood manufacturer, distributor and trader. FisherGold Sdn. Bhd. is an integrated importer, processor, packager and distributor of fresh and frozen marine products in the seafood industry as well as the wholesale and retail trade who use state of the art world class processing equipments and processing lines with HACCP & FDA certifications that produce world class quality frozen seafood.

FisherGold Food Industries Sdn. Bhd. was established with the sole intention of strengthening the organization towards being an export-oriented processing facility through value-added products such as processed surimi products.

The Directors of this organization are committed to positioning for the vision of becoming one of the leading exporting companies for Surimi Based Products in Malaysia. To drive this vision, it embarks the program of making its facility up to the International  Standard of ISO 22000. The organization is getting all its employees to embrace a mind set of food safety culture, enhance business by developing distribution network overseas and build strength in its Product Research and Development and to embark on brand building.

Over the years, FisherGold Sdn. Bhd. has expanded in all areas of its business to further increase processing and distribution capabilities. We imported the goods from many countries such as China, Taiwan, Thailand, Korea, Japan, Myanmar, Vietnam, India, Indonesia, Yemen, Pakistan, Dubai and Oman.

The growth in distribution network has always been hand in hand with the expansion of its processing unit to ensure that FisherGold Sdn. Bhd. market base is able to meet increasing demands with products of impeccable quality. This enables the Company to meet the demands of not only the growing domestic market, but also the needs of the escalating overseas markets. So we have export to overseas such as Japan, China, Korea, Brunei, Indonesia, USA, Hong Kong and other countries around the world.

:: White Threadfin
:: Bearded Croaker
:: Chinese Pomfret
:: Dory Fillet
:: Hilsa
:: Horse Mackerel
:: White Snepper
:: Reefcod
:: Red Snepper
:: Black Pomfret
:: Jobfish
:: Jack Mackerel
:: Bonito
:: Yellowtail Scad
:: Malabar Travalley (Black)
:: Malabar Travalley
:: Queen Fish
:: Indian Mackerel
:: Sardine
:: Fried Fish Ball (s)
:: Fried Fish Ball (B)
:: Pillow Fried Fish Cake (B)
:: Pillow Fried Fish Cake (S)
:: Fried Vegetable Fish Cake
:: Fried Fish Cake (B)
:: Fried Fish Cake (S)
:: Wrapped Beancurd Fish Cake
:: Golden Fish Ball
:: Vegetable & Fish Tauki
:: Cheese roll
:: Seafood Tofu
:: Thai Vegie Balls



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