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Egersund Fisk AS
Post address: P.b. 100, N – 4379 Egersund
Visit address: Kaupanes, 4370 Egersund
Phone: +47 51 46 30 00
Opening hours: Monday – Friday: 08.00 – 16.00

Sustainability since 1921
The history of Egersund Fisk started with the establishment of Egersund Sildoljefabrikk in 1921 and production of fishmeal and fishoil. Since then the goup gradually expanded its acitivty to other seafood related activities. Mainly pelagic seafood. The company is situated in the Norwegian places Egersund, Bergen, Svolvær and Tromsø. Abroad the group has activities in Kiev, Ukraine and Skagen, Denmark.

The history of the group started in 1921 with the fishmeal and fish oil production. For seventy years this was the core business. In the nineteen nineties the business expanded to also include the pelagic seafood segment. Until the 20st century the production activity was located in Egersund, Norway. Later the pelagic seafood production was expanded to production also in the north of Norway, in Tromsø and Svolvær.

It all started with the founding of Egersund Sildoljefabrikk in 1921 by Jens, Jonas and Kristoffer Hetland and Matias K. Haugstad. Already from the start, the company was considered a pioneer due to investment in technology, knowledge, people and innovation. The fishmeal industry has been quoted as turning “the silver of the ocean to the gold of the cost”. The silver referring to herring which was the main ingredience of fishmeal in the early days. For Egersund Sildoljefabrikk this has resulted in a profit each year from the start.

Egersund Sildoljefabrikk was the first factory to produce the meal NORSE-LT and has been in the lead at developing and getting approval of the ECO meal. Sales and marketing for the fishmeal and fish oil has since 1963 been conducted by Norsildmel. In order to improve the quality of the fishmeal and reduce the odor from the production, the freshness of the fish delivered has an important effect. In that respect, it was invested in a fully modern and high capacity ice factory for delivery of ice to the fishing fleet in 1963. The production capacity was 200 MT per day. Today, the fishing fleet is equipped with own cooling and Egersund Isfabrikk is in a very good month delivering the daily production capacity of 200 MT.

The group expanded into the pelagic seafood segment of Norwegian fish industry in the nineteen nineties. Egersund Seafood AS was established together with local investors and Tromsø Kulkran. Its core business was to buy fresh caught pelagic fish from the fishing vessels, grade, pack and freeze this to minimum minus 20 degrees as soon as possible to preserve the quality of the fish.

Mackerel, herring, horse mackerel, capelin are all part of the pelagic assortment at Egersund Seafood. Many products are produced and developed, but in particular the product specter connected to the nearby caught north sea herring has been an important activity for Egersund Seafood.
Main activity until this time was in Egersund. The group tried another step into the seafood developed products – by investing in a canning factory in Lyngdal. However this was not a success and this activity was closed in 2006. The group has been a contributor by supporting local volunteer work and also an investor in local projects.

Until the year 2000 the group was owned by third generation descendants of the founders of Egersund Sildoljefabrikk. At this point the board of directors decided to accept an offer from a big player in the Norwegian fish market. However one of the descendants, Egil Magne Haugstad, stopped this deal by using his right of first refusal. Since then he has been leading the group first together with local investors from Egersund, Lerøy Seafood and SalMar. Later together with Kverva.

In the period from 2001 the group has continued its growth in the pelagic seafood segment with investment in factories and companies in Tromsø and Svolvær. The development in the fishmeal has been conducted through the ownership in Norsildmel.


Round frozen
– NVG Herring
– NS Herring
– Mackerel
– Horse Mackerel
– Capelin
– Blue Whiting

Flaps & fillets
– Herring flaps
– Herring fillets, skin on
– Herring fillets, skin off
– Herring roe
– Mackerel flaps

Fish meal & oil
– Norse – LT 94
– NorseNat – LT
– NorseNat
– NorSalmOil
– NorseNatOil



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