DTS Marine Fish Products Sdn. Bhd.



DTS Marine Fish Products Sdn. Bhd.
Address: 19, Lorong Selat Selatan 30, Pandamaran, 42000 Port Klang, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia.
Tel: +603-3167 5995
Fax: +603-3167 5115
Email: info@marineacg.com
Website: http://www.marineacg.com

Tops In Malaysia, Now Exporting to the World
DTS Marine Fish Product Sdn Bhd (‘DTSMFP’) was established in 2005 as the fish and seafood processing and marketing arm of Aqua Ceria Group. While other aquaculture companies are involved in certain aspects of the aquaculture business, DTS has full integrated support from each division of ACG — from breeding, hatching, rearing and supply of fresh farmed fish to formulation of top grade patented marine fish feeds such as Omega Rich™,  professional expertise as well as fully equipped facilities.

DTSMFP has a background of more than 28 years experience in marine farming. We are today one of Malaysia’s top fish and seafood suppliers to premier restaurants and hotels via the distribution, wholesale and retail channels. We also distribute our fifish products to major fish markets, including mainland China, Hong Kong, Singapore and the Asia-Pacific region.

At DTSMFP, we are aquaculture specialists in marine fish farming and processing. Tried and tested marine farming methods and know-how coupled with the use of patented Omega Rich™ special feed mix, have resulted in live fish produce which are nutritious with the ideal desirable taste characteristics, and free of harmful residues.

Our Guiding Mission
We aspire to be the leading name in the processing and trading of marine fish by offering sumptuous fish to consumers, and a sustainable source of nutrition to the community.

Product Advantage

Our Nutritious Sea-Farmed Fish
Fresh farmed fish from ACG and our associate aquaculture farmers are processed immediately to maintain and ensure the level of freshness and nutrition value. While fish caught by commercial fishing vessels may spend months out at sea, our fish are live-processed; they are harvested and immediately processed for distribution according to demand. Our turnaround time from harvest to distribution is measured in days, not weeks or months.

Fish raised in the open, flowing waters of our marine farms also provide superior nutrition and taste compared to pond-farmed fish. Our fish are free to swim in their natural environment, in our spacious farms off the pristine islands and water channels of the Malaysian peninsula.

We are also able to produce a wide range of raised fish customized to size / delivery specification — harvest weight, size, cut of fish and so on. We can even breed and raise our fish to contain specified levels of nutrients. Each stage of our process is subject to stringent quality control measures, ensuring our customers of the best.

Our Reputation As a Prime Exporter
Already well received in discerning markets for fish such as Australia and Japan, demand for DTS Marine products continues to grow as more people discover our nutritious, sea-farmed fish.

International Food Safety Standards Assurance
All our fresh fish stocks are processed by our panel of contracted factories which are HACCP, ISO, BRC and Halal certified to ensure the strictest hygiene levels and food safety during processing.

Professional Business Etiquette
We have an established reputation in the industry as highly reliable and responsible seafood suppliers. In the event where customers face any problems with their orders, we investigate, report and try our utmost to resolve problematic issues in a timely manner be they major or minor. Reliability —that is the key to our success.

Fully Up-To-Date Facilities
We own and operate a 60-ton chiller room to stock our frozen seafood in compliance with relevant HACCP standards. In the event of increased demand, we have the backup of an out-sourced 100-ton cold room.

More Seafood Varieties
We offer one of the industry’s widest choices of live, frozen and dried seafood products. Apart from our wide supply, we also focus on sourcing new types of seafood worldwide through our sister company to provide and offer an array of interesting gourmet seafood items to the local market.

Prompt Delivery
In order to ensure fast and efficient deliveries, we have 3 specialized trucks assigned to service our customers in the Klang Valley. We are also expanding our service team in our efforts to ensure speedier delivery times to customers.



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