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Address: PB 44, 9935 Bugøynes, NORWAY
Tlf: +47 78 97 05 00
Fax: +47 78 97 05 01
Contact Person: Øyvind Seipæjærvi (General Manager)

Welcome to DM Fresh and Frozen Seafood
Company DM Fresh and Frozen Seafood has supplied its customers with seafood from the coast of Finnmark, Northern Norway since 1996. The company collaborates closely with a number of fish and Red King Crab producers. We have our own production facility in Bugøynes Kongekrabbe AS.

Located close to Varangerfjord in Varanger Peninsula – the key region for Red King Crab from Norway – Bugøynes Kongekrabbe AS has participated actively in the King Crab industry since its establishment . To day Bugøynes Kongekrabbe As is leading king crab manufacturer in Norway.

Export Markets
The company’s export markets are located in the following regions:
– Europe
– Asia

Respect for the Environment
On the Varanger Penninsula in northern Norway, one of the most northern catchment areas of the world, fishing has been the leading industry since the time of the last Ice Age. The local community, with a vast open sea on their doorstep, has naturally developed a trade from the seas natural resources.

The seas surrounding the Varanger Peninsula are our most important resource. As we daily harvest our Red King Crab, we belive it is important to show great respect for the resources the seas have given us. With both knowledge and thought we seek to ensure a unique quality of what we belive is the world best red king crab – Varanger Red King Crab from Norway.

Quality guarantee & Control
The Varanger Peninsula is located in Finnmark, Norway’s northernmost county. The main industry is in the seafood production. For generations the Barents Sea has provided the population with a good living. Here, in the depths of one of the world’s richest and cleanest oceans, lives the red king crab, the largest species of king crab in the world.

The Varanger Brand Association was established in 2003 and is owned by red king crab producers in Finnmark. The aim of the Association is to produce exceptionally high quality of red king crab. In 2006 members of the Association produced approx. 60% of Norway’s total production of red king crab. Red king crab from Norway are different from the red king crab produced in Russia and Alaska in the following respects:

– Norwegian red king crab are caught by small coastal boats in Finnmark that bring the crabs ashore alive each day.
– Each boat can use a maximumof 30 crab pots. Only the best and largest king crabs are taken on board. Each boat usually catches 50 to 100 crabs per day.
– Upon delivery to the onshore facility the king crabs are subjected to further Packingselection process. Any king crab that fail to comply with the quality requirements are returned to the sea.
– All production takes place at approved onshore facilities that are subject to strict hygiene requirements.
– We only use blast-freezing systems (minus 30–35 degr C in wind tunnel)
– During the production process there are 2 more quality inspections. Only those king crab that pass these inspections, can be packed as a VARANGER Red King crab.

Size gradings:
2L: 600– 800 gr per section
3L: 800–1100 gr per section
4L: 1100–1300 gr per section
5L: 1300–1500 gr per section
6L: 1500–1700 gr per section
7L: 1700–1900 gr per section
8L: 1900 gr + per section
Whole: Red King Crab from 2,7 kg up

Nutrition Red King Crab meat:
– Moisture 84,0%
– Protein 13,9%
– Fat 0,9%
– Carbohydrates 0,0%
– Energy 270 kJ/100 gr

Quality inspectors

Themembers of VARANGER Brand Association undertake to adhere to the Association’s productionmanual. Thismeans that VARANGER products always have the same high standards of quality. VARANGER has its own inspectors to examine the finished products in order to ensure that VARANGER crabs satisfy the Association’s strict quality

VARANGER’S quality requirements for red king crab
– red king crab should be caught each day and delivered alive. Their
– freshness should be beyond dispute!
– their meat content should exceed 80%
– red king crab should be healthy and flawless without damaged
– shells or broken legs
– their shells should not be scratched or discoloured
– their shells should not have any barnacles on them
– red king crab should have an average weight of no less than 3.7 kg
– all sections should be trimmed in the shoulder area


Our products
Our main product is Red King Crab – see our product list at  next page. Year around we also produce fresh cod, haddock, coalfish, cathfish, redfish, tusk, halibut and flounder. Seasonal specialities are lumpfish roe and wild atlantic salmon.

Red King Crab
The first red king crab  from Norway was produced in 1994.  Since then it has become an important commodity for fishermen and manufactures in Finnmark, Norways northernmost county. The  red king crab found along the coast of Finnmark is  known for its  large size and splendid  quality .  They sometimes grow to weight as much as 8-10 kg!

Live storage
In order to supply customers with fresh and frozen Red king crab year around, we maintain storage facilities with a holding capacity of several thousand live red king crabs.



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