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„Diavena„ Ltd
Address: Shumen 9700, Industrialna street 23А, P.C. 75
Tel./Fax: +359-54-860184
Tel.: +359-54-861162
E-mail: diavena@diavena.com
Website: http://www.diavena.com

Sales director – Maya Radeva
Tel.: +359-54-832594
Tel./fax: +359-54862871
Mobile Tel.: +359-899-943076
E-mail: mradeva@diavena.com

Foreign Trade Manager – Kalin Hadjinikolov
Mobile. Tel.: +359-894-492889
E-mail: khadjinikolov@diavena.com

Supply Department
Tel./fax: +359-54-861162

Supply Director – Nikolai Zhelezchev
e-mail: nzhelezchev@diavena.com
mob. Tel.: +359-899-943066

Supply Manager – Import – Georgi Georgiev
E-mail: ggeorgiev@diavena.com
Mobile. Tel.: +359-894-342145

Marketing – Irena Stefanova
E-mail: istefanova@diavena.com
Mobile. Tel.: +359-089-9814640

About us
Diavena Ltd is the first private owned company, producer of fish cans in Bulgaria. The company was established in 1989 and currently is the leader in production and trading with fish cans. Diavena Ltd produced fish cans under its own brands like – Diavena, Di Nea, Di Alba, Di Mare and Bona Dea as well as private label brands like Aro, Fine Food, Riva, Arriva and KOOP.

Since March 2006 the production of the fish cans is situated in a new build factory, which meets all EU requirements and standards.
In 2007, Diavena Ltd, was certified under ISO 9001:2000 and HACCP and in 2008 – under IFS.
Diavena Ltd. is the only Bulgarian producer of canned tuna brand di Alba.

In 2008, the company has started the production of marinade, smoked and salted fish in package for the end user and for the catering business brand Di Mare.
At the beginning of 2009 to the company’s production range were added cabbage and wrapped leafs, and at the end of the year cooked and canned meat brand Bona Dea.

Our mission
We work to satisfy taste with high quality products and to save your time.

Diavena Ltd is striving to provide customers with healthful food by using the high level of technology and management resources and strict identifying of market demands.
Products series of Diavena ltd have been established to meet today’s most halth and wellness issues.

– Certificate ISO 9001:2000
– Certificate НАССР system
– Certificate International Food Standart



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