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Delfín Ultracongelados, S.A.
Address: Delfín Ultracongelados, S.A., c/ Colmenas 35 – 45340 Ontígola (Toledo)
GPS: Latitude: 39.991067277488334 | Longitude: -3.587651626983643
Telephone numbers: (+34) 925 157 130 / (+34) 902 934 924

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Since 1950, we at Delfin Ultracongelados S.A have been investing all our resources and efforts in the purchase, sale, preparation and distribution of deep-frozen fish and seafood products. Our Company is committed to quality, both in our products and our customer service, and we are unique in combining artisan tradition with industrial

Our strengths are:
– Product range: We offer an extensive range of fish and seafood products.
– Experience: Our Company has been a benchmark in the sector for over 60 years.
– Tailor-Made Service: We respond to the specific needs of our customers.
– Total Quality: We guarantee the quality of Raw Material, Processes, End Product and After-Sales Service. We hold ISO 9001-2000 Standard and IFS Quality Certification.
– Innovation: Our R+D+i department is constantly developing new products and process improvements.
– Environmentally Friendly: We implement an environmental policy which guarantees respect for the environment and we are in the process of obtaining ISO 14000 Standard environmental management certification.


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The investment made by Delfin Ultracongelados S.A. in its new operations base in Ontigola (Toledo), covering an area of over 16,000 m2 and with a production capacity of 50 tonnes / day, represents a major advance in the frozen fish and seafood product market.

Delfin Group’s sizeable resources enable us to be totally flexible so we can meet customer requirements.

Instalaciones Delfin

Production, freezing and packing process
• Modern steam-cooking system and in-line freezing.
• Cutting and deep-freezing lines.
• Modern and versatile packing lines:
– Skin-pack
– Vacuum-pack
– Bags
– Bulk
– IWP individually wrapped (option for variable weight/price labeling)
– Heat-sealed trays
– Shrink-wrapping
– Cartons

Product warehousing
Modern cold store where products can be kept at -25°C, capacity for 8000 European pallets. Totally robot-operated for optimal storage management and guaranteed traceability and rotation of products. Computerised, automatic transelevators. Capacity to move 216 pallets per hour.

Modern, functional and well-lit facilities which make inter-departmental operations easier and speed up our response times.

– Delfin Ultracongelados S.A. offers a wide range of products to cover the most exacting demands of our customers. The products shown below are examples of what we can supply.
– We have our own R+D+i department to respond to our customers’ requirements, developing processes and products to keep us in our position as market leader.

Delfin is leader in the Spanish deep-frozen shellfish market thanks to the extensive and varied range of products and packaging types it offers customers.
– Prawn/Shrimp.
– Another Crustaceans.
– Bivalve.

Delfín catches its fish in large fishing grounds all over the world. Its vessels have on-board facilities for quick deep-freezing of products, so that it arrives on your table in perfect condition and with all its vitamin content intact. Only high quality raw material guarantees high quality fish, with the finest cuts selected by Delfín’s experts.

Delfin fishes for cephalopods all over the world and deep-freezes them straightaway so that all their properties are conserved. Once on dry land, strict quality controls are carried out to ensure that the highest protein and vitamin levels are maintained. The catch is then cut up by experts who reject any Cephalopods not reaching the high standards of quality always required by Delfin.


Prepared products
Delfín offers a wide range of prepared and pre-cooked deep-frozen dishes to meet family eating requirements; the range is constantly expanded to meet market demands. Given their high nutritional value and delicious preparation, these dishes are an ideal alternative for adults and children alike. The production process is totally automated and the selection of best cuts, coating process and conveyor packing are all closely supervised.


Ready Meals.



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