Deep Sea Oils



Deep Sea Oils Pty Ltd
Address: 24 Stanley Street, Bellerive, Tasmania 7018, Australia
Phone: +61 3 6244 4977
Facsimile: +613 62 441650
Mobile: 0417 382 381

Deep Sea Oils Pty Ltd (DSO) is Australia’s most significant processor specializing in the manufacture of pure marine oil products .  These are sourced from the pristine depths of the Tasman Sea and surrounding Southern Oceans, the world’s cleanest waters.

Deep Sea Oils Pty Ltd (DSO) utilities fishing by-catch by reclaiming and refining the natural products SQUALENE and alkoxyglycerol (AKG derived from diacylglyceryl ether, DAGE) from shark livers.

CSIRO research on the characterization of shark liver oil, from a wide range of species, has contributed to Australia’s success in exporting refined SQUALENE and DAGE, in addition to COLD PRESSED SHARK

From the boat to the capsule, DSO employs strict process and handling protocols to produce the highest quality product.  DSO and Marine Nutriceutrical Corp., a US-based marine oil distributor, have joined forces to develop a custom built lipid laboratory in Hobart, Tasmania, to monitor oil production and conduct research and development into marine oils.

Pure Quality
The outcome of this union is an analytical method recently appraised by the Polish Food and Drug Authority (FDA) for the analysis of BioMarine570, a high AKG shark liver oil.  Utilizing  thinlayer-chromatography with flame ionization detection (TLC-FID), we simultaneously analyse SQUALINE and DAGE in raw, processed and final product using a validated FDA method.



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