Danske Fiskeauktioner AS



Danske Fiskeauktioner A/S
Address: Havnegade 15, 7680 Thyborøn, Denmark
Phone: +45 96 90 88 00
Website: http://www.danskefiskeauktioner.dk

Danske Fiskeauktioner A/S is the most modern internet Fishauction in Denmark. New auctionsrooms in Thyborøn, Hvide Sande and Thorsminde. Danske Fiskeauktioner kepp the fish in coldstores from boat to the buyer. Modern grading machine and automatically eismachine ect. In Danske Fiskeauktioner the quality is highly valued from catch to buyer.

In 2001, Thyborøn Fiskeauktion A/S became the first auction in Denmark to apply the electronic auction clock.

When the merger with Hvide Sande Fiskeauktion A/S and the subsequent integration of Thorsminde Fiskeauktion became a reality, the Internet auction was implemented here as well. Therefore, today we are able to sell all the fish landed locally in the three harbours with the same system, which promotes the security of deliverance for our buyers.

In a traditional auction the manager of the auction physically moves amongst the fish with his “stick”, auctioning off the different quantities, which those present at the auction, can see and participate in the auction. The fish is bought by bidding higher than others participating in the auction. At an electronic auction the clock is started at a price which is coded. Then the clock runs anti clockwise and the buyers then press a button when the fish has reached the desired price. Exactly opposite of a traditional auction.

The Internet part secures that not only the buyers physically present in the hall can bid on the fish. Via the Internet and a contact with PEFA you are able to buy our fish from all over Europe. One of the basic foundations to take part in the Internet auction is a high degree of seriousness in conducting the categorising of the fish so that the buyers can be absolutely certain that the fish they place a bid on live up to their expectations.



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