Dalian Ocean Star Foods Ltd.



Dalian Ocean Star Foods Ltd.
Address: Pulandian City, Dalian, China
Phone: +86 411 83199000
Mobile: +86 135 917 54993
Fax: +86 411 83198799
Email: sales@oceanstarfoods.com, Michael@oceanstarfoods.com
Skype: Michael.seafoods
MSN: Michael.seafoods@hotmail.com

About Us
Ocean Star Foods: A Professional Seafood Exporter, We Can Save You Money for Quality Products

Dalian Ocean Star Foods, we began our business since 2010. Our goal is to give best value to our customer, supplier and all other friends that are involved in seafood business. We export wide varieties of seafood products to oversea market. Mainly including frozen Atlantic Cod, Pacific Cod, Salmon, Pollock, Haddock, Ocean Perch/Redfish, Sole, Tilapia, Mackerel and many other seafood. Above products can be in any form (loins, fillets, portions and etc.) that you are interested in. All the products are processed in HACCP/EU approved plant. We keep close eyes on our products when processing. To be more competitive, we promise to supply these products with pretty fair price—only pennies a pound.

We strive to provide superior customer service and ensuring the satisfaction of each customer. Long-term relationships are not possible without these priorities. No matter which country you are from, we pledge the best to satisfy your needs and concerns.

Our Commitment
Our beliefs and values: Supply safe and healthy seafood with fair price and responsible attitude.

Quality assurance and products innovation
We are all clear that we can’t gain more customers without supplying quality products. So to guarantee we can supply customer with safe, healthy and tasty products, we take the following measures.

1. Choose quality suppliers
The suppliers we choose are HACCP/EU approved. All are in good sanitary and processing condition.

2. Good communication with both our customer and our supplier
A good communication with customer can make us understand our customer’s need better, can let us give a more accurate instruction to the plant. A good communication with our supplier can make us know what’s going on with our production and what they would like to suggest to customer.

3. Keep close eyes on our products during production
We always pursue producing perfect products. To achieve our goal, we keep close eyes on the products during the production. We use freshest raw material for production and shape products strictly according to the specification. Before loading, we have a final inspection to avoid any problem.

4. We are pleased to developing new products and exploiting new market together with our customer. New products, new market means new opportunity for us.


Ground Fish
– Atlantic cod
– Haddock
– Pacific Cod
– Pollock
– Atlantic Ocean P
– Pacific Ocean Pe
– Pink Salmon
– Chum Salmon
– Hake
– Saithe

Flat Fish
– Yellow Fin Sole
– Rock Sole
– Flat Head Sole
– Arrow Tooth Flou

Farm Raised
– Tilapia
– Shrimp-Vannamei

Shell Fish
– Baby Clam/ Short
– Mussel
– Bay Scallop
– Sea Scallop
– Oyster
– Squid
– Red Shrimp

Canned Fish
– Mackerel
– Sardine
– Tuna

Other Fish
– Pacific Mackerel
– Horse Mackerel
– Mahi Mahi



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