Dalian Great Wall Food Co.,Ltd.



Dalian Great Wall Food Co.,Ltd. 大连大通海产有限公司
Address: Rm1411,Liangyun Four Seasons Tower 2, No.88 Luxun Road,Dalian,116001,China
Tel: +86-411-8284-6686
Fax: +86-411-8284-6687
Email: info@greatwallfood.cn
Website: http://www.greatwallfood.cn

Dalian Great Wall Food Co.,Ltd was established in 2000, focus on the following from the beginning:

1. Seafood processing/exporting:
– Sea scallops:half shell,roe-on/off,cooked.
– Bay scallops:IQF and cooked.

We own one factory in Changhai insland. where sea/bay scallops farmed. Thus gurantee the FRESHNESS/DELICIOUS
We are vertically integrated producer on sea&bay scallops and are one of the biggest supplier of Sea & bay scallops, Hard shell clams,blue mussel.

In our factory we produce the following Fish Fillets
– Alaska Pollock Fillets,
– Hake Fillets (Merluccius Productus/Hubbsi)
– Yellow Fin/rock/flathead Sole Fillets
– Redfish Fillets(both Pacific&Atlantic)
– Cod Fillets(both Pacific&Atlantic)
– Chum/Pink Salmon Fillets/Portion

2. Domestic distribution
We import and distribute the following products in China:
–  New Zealand Greenshell mussel.
–  US origin Sea scallops(both block/IQF)
–  Canadian origin sea scallops
–  Greenland Halibut Head
–  Pacific Saury


Half Shell Scallop
7-8cm,8-9 cm,+9cm

Cooked sea scallops
Size(PCS/KG): 10/20,20/30,30/40,40/60, 60/80,80/100;

Scallops Adductor
Size(PCS/LB): 10/20,20/30,30/40,40/60,60/80;

Bay Scallops
Species: Argopecten irradians
Size(PCS/LB): 40/60,60/80,80/100,80/120, 120/150,150/200,200/300;

New Zealand Greenshell Mussel
Species: Perna Canaliculus
Size(PCS/KG): L(20/30), M(30/45), S(45/60)

Cooked Hard Shell Clam Meat
Species: Venerupis Variegata
Cooked Meat:
Size(PCS/KG): L(300-500), M(500-700), S(700-100), SS(+700)

Hard Shell Clam
Species: Venerupis Variegata
Cooked With Shells-On:
Size(PCS/LB): 20/30,30/40,40/60;

Cooked Blue Mussel Meat
Species: Mytilus Linnaeus
Size(PCS/KG): 100/200,200/300,300/500;



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