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D. B. Kenney Fisheries Limited
Address: 301 Water Street Westport Nova Scotia

D.B. Kenney Fisheries values our customers comments and suggestions. If there is a way we can serve you better or if you have any questions please contact us through one of the methods below and we will do whatever we can.

Head Office
Postal Address: PO Box 1210, Westport, Nova Scotia, B0V 1H0
Phone: 902.839.2023
Fax: 902.839.2070
Snail Mail:  301 Water Street

Sales Contacts
Dave Titus: davetitus@dbkenneyfisheries.com
Chris Bristol: chrisb@dbkenneyfisheries.com

Operations Manager
Glenn Wadman: glennw@dbkenneyfisheries.com

Steven Lombard: slombard@dbkenneyfisheries.com

About Us
D.B. Kenney Fisheries is a third generation, family owned and operated business. Pictured here is the way the plant looked in the early 1970’s, when the operation was under the care of Mr. Daniel Kenney Sr., who took over the business from his father, the original D.B. Kenney. With a lot of hard work and knowledgeable direction, Mr. Kenney grew the business from its humble origins until he turned it over to his son Daniel B. Kenney the third.

In the years since he took over, the current president of D.B. Kenney Fisheries has guided the business to it’s present day success, expanding the facilities to include a state of the art lobster pound, a fleet of trucks compromising D.B. Kenney Transport and a modernized fish production facility. The seafood business is an ever changing and demanding challenge, one which Mr. Kenney has met and excelled at, making the Brier Island brand of seafood a commodity recognized and respected throughout North America.

The head office is located right in the center of the action. High speed internet access keeps the staff in touch with world markets, custom brokers and our network of customers across North America. Utilizing the internet and Federal Express we are able to ship seafood to customers around in the world, usually in less than 24 hours. See our Online Order services for all the details and treat yourself to a taste of real Canadian seafood at its best.

Located at the most westerly tip of Nova Scotia, Brier Island is a unique, unspoiled area teeming with marine life. A favorite vacation spot for whale watchers, bird watchers and the ecology minded, the island also provides an abundant living for fishermen. Thriving in the clean, cold waters surrounding Brier Island are lobster, crab, and a wide assortment of ground fish.

Open deck ferries provide year round access to the island, running 24 hours a day. To reach the mainland, requires two short ferry rides, one between Brier Island and Long Island, the other between Long Island and the mainland.

D.B. Kenney Transport relies on this service to get their tractor trailers safely to the mainland. From there our seafood products make their way to the bustling seafood markets in and around the Boston area.

The fishing village of Westport is home to approximately 250 year round residents, most of whose way of life is connected to the fishing industry.

D.B. Kenney Fisheries is the largest single employer on the island, providing employment opportunities ranging from fish plant production to the transportation industry.

A stroll along the picturesque waterfront reveals the unique qualities of life on Brier Island. For visitors it is an opportunity to see the workings of a true fishing village.


The icy cold waters of the North Atlantic yield a superb hard shell lobster and D.B. Kenney Fisheries is ideally located right in the heart of lobster country. Starting at the end of November, and running through to the end of May, lobster boats land daily at our wharf. With many years of experience, D.B. Kenney Fisheries carefully collects, packs and ships live lobster all over the world.

D.B. Kenney Fisheries fleet of scallop boats ply the inshore waters around the Bay of Fundy bringing home the sweetest, freshest scallops you can imagine. With short fishing trips and quick efficient processing at our plant our customers are assured that they are getting the tastiest scallops available on the market today. Most of our scallops are shipped fresh, at the peak of perfection, but we can also freeze them as IQF (Individually Quick Frozen) or in 5 pound blocks. However you prefer your scallops to arrive, be sure and ask for Brier Island Gold Digby Scallops. For more information contact: David Titus (davetitus@dbkenneyfisheries.com)

The Tami Joan
This vessel, built in 1968 is 60 feet in length with a wooden hull. She is manned by a full time crew of four and fishes year round in the Bay of Fundy.

The Brier Venture
Returning from a trip to the Bay of Fundy, home of the richest scallop beds in the world, the Brier Venture will shortly land in Digby to unload her catch. Built in 1980 she is 65 feet in length with a wooden hull.

The Miss Holly II
Named after Mr. Kenney’s daughter, The Miss Holly II, was built in 1982 and is 65 feet in length with a wooden hull.

The St. Nicholas
On this calm morning the St. Nicholas is heading full steam into the Bay of Fundy where she will spend the next couple of days fishing. Short trips are part of the reason why our scallops are so fresh. Built in 1981 is 65 feet in length with a wooden hull.

The Bayshore Lady
Originally this vessel was built as a fish dragger, but was converted in 2001 to a scallop dragger and joined the rest of the D.B. Kenney fleet. Built in 1980, she is 65 feet in length with a wooden hull.

Purchase your Scallops Online
Now you can purchase Digby Scallops Online in a convenient 500G (1.1 Lb) bag. These fresh frozen scallops are Individually Quick Frozen, enabling you to take out just the quantity you need. The standard size packed in these bags is the 30/40 count, but other sizes of scallops are available. Drop us a line and let us know what you’d like and we’ll do our best. Our scallops are also available as a 1 pound brick pack in sizes ranging from 10/20 to 40/50.

Salt fish is a tradition at D.B. Kenney Fisheries. There was a time when the cured fish was laid out in the sun to dry, not an easy task on an island noted for its fog. Today, modern driers are used to ensure a consistent quality and a timely supply. Ordinary cure salt cod, pollock, hake and cusk are available year round in a variety of styles and packs. Try Brier Island brand salt fish and find out for yourself why we keep winning awards.

At D.B. Kenney Fisheries we purchase locally caught ground fish and produce the finest quality frozen fish. You can purchase IQF (Individually Quick frozen) or Shatterpack in a wide variety of sizes. Do you have a special way you like your fish packed? Let us know and we will pack it to order. There is no better way of knowing what you are getting each time you open a box. For the supermarket trade we pack a full line of Retail bagged Seafood products, in a 1 pound bag for the USA and a 400 gram bag for Canada. If you have your own label, we also do custom packing.

D.B. Kenney Fisheries is proud to represent one of Nova Scotia’s finest smokehouses, Ocean Organic. Using only fresh, locally caught Salmon, Haddock, Cod, Pollock, Mackerel, Herring and Scallops, they create a superior taste treat every time. Fruit and Oak wood is used in a traditional smoking process to enhance the flavor of Atlantic fish.



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