Cultivos Marinos San Cristobal S.A



Cultivos Marinos San Cristobal S.A

Head Office:
Address: Exposicion 1657, Estacion Central, Santiago, Chile.
Phone: 56-2-3708177

Farm Facilities:
Address: Ruta 5 norte, Km 895, Punta Fodden, Caldera, Atacama, Chile.
Phone: 56-52-317560 / 56-52-317561

Cultivos Marinos San Cristobal was founded in 1996 as a subsidiary of Compania Molinera San Cristobal S.A., a senior stakeholder in the food business since 1916 and focusing in miling wheat production.

In April 1997 our farming center was completed north of the city of Caldera, in the Chilean northern desert region of Atacama. This place was specially chosen because there are not rivers flow into the sea and because lack of major urban centers do not generate any pollution to the sea. These unpolluted waters feature exceptional purity and the presence of wide brown seaweed banks, the main food supply for the abalone.

Our company was the first in Chile to farm the green abalone (haliotis discus hannai) and later the red abalone (haliotis rufescens); now we have become one of the leading producers and exporters of this Chilean delicacy.

Eleven years business experience mad us become the main producer and marketer of abalone seeds in the country.

In 2003, concerned about food supply sustainability, we invested in a seaweed (macrosystis) farm production, in order to feed our abalone. This system star in lab production of thousands of seedings, which are the cultured offshore, a procedure that results in lower dependency on natural seaweed banks as feed supply.

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