Costa Viva S.A.



Costa Viva S.A.
Postal address: Parcela 981, Fundo Curaumilla, Laguna Verde Valparaiso Región de Valparaíso
Phone: 56-32-3148640
Cel phone: 56-9-77998959

Oscar Ávila Aragón – General Manager
Cel Phone: +56-9-77998959

Oscar Ávila Peña – Administration Manager
Cel Phone: +56-9-85959158

Costa Viva is a Chilean company, dedicated to the export of live seafood, especially mollusks and crustaceans. Our target is to warranty the freshness of your seafood products. We can send live seafood to everywhere, dependent of feasibility to connect air cargo of the final destination, we always deliver an efficient service, and the most important, live seafood products high quality.

Located in the Valparaiso region, we have special pools for the conservation of live sea food products, with a continuous supply of fresh and unfiltered sea water. Our packing capacity is around 1.500 kg per batch. Our installations and processes meet all certification requirements, which enables us to export live seafood products to international markets. All products, are taken from the Chilean coast, and are of the highest quality and are specially selected to guarantee the freshness and natural flavors. We intend to deliver the freshest guaranteed seafood products to the world’s best chefs.

Costa Viva also intends to contribute to the organic industry, an industry where marine products is just beginning to be developed. Today in Chile there is no company organically certified in aquaculture or any fishing community in certified sustainable fisheries . The organic philosophy every day gains more support because of it’s enormous worldwide significance.

Costa Viva is a Chilean company, dedicated to selling live seafood products, at both national and international markets.

Our mission is to provide our world wide clients with live seafood products of the highest quality and in the best condition. In turn our clients can distribute to the final customer maintaining the maximum freshness, without freezing, while working continuously with the highest quality of conservation and packaging systems. Working continuously towards innovating new export products and systems increasingly efficient and environmentally friendly. Along with this we also believe in collaborative systems, and work in close cooperation with our suppliers and customers.

Our motto is “to ensure the freshness of your seafood products,” not only do we keep the chain cold, we keep the chain alive.

As for the operation, Costa Viva works strictly under the rules established by national and international legislation for the export of live sea products. Our sales in domestic market began in October 2007 and in the international market at the end of January 2008.

Live Lobster of Robinson Crusoe Island
Live abalone
Live Chilean abalone or locos vivos en concha
Live King Crabs
Live Snow Crabs



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