Conservas y Frigoríficos del Morrazo S.A.



Conservas y Frigoríficos del Morrazo S.A.
Address: Apartado 88 c/ Salgueiron, 11 36940 – Cangas, Pontevedra, Spain
Phone: +34 986 30 42 62 / +34 986 304362
Fax: +34 986 304382

About Us
In October of 1986, Hermanos Gandon, S.A. and Marodina, S.A. created the company Conservas y Frigorificos del Morrazo, S.A., which was born as an answer to the shortage of unloading and cold storage facilities in the Ria of Vigo.

The building of our premises began on September of 1987 and where quickly finished as, in just one year, in September, 26th of 1988 and with just one cold chamber working we accomplish our first unload.

The very first unload was filled with happenings and minute nuisances which we, today, look back with an ample smile; as a improvised office in little more than a container with our computers over piles of pallets.

Since 1990, we support the social, sporting and cultural development of our environment. This support materializes in the sponsoring of Club Balonman Cangas Frigorificos del Morrazo and Club de Remo Vila de Cangas, as well as collaboration with most of local institutions and organizations.

In 1995 we take part, along with other fishing related companies, in the creation of Fandicosta, S.A. This coporation main objective is the manufacturation of processed fish food and also has unloading and cold storing facilities, including its own dock.

During 1996 we made a solid effort in order to improve our premises which materialized in the construction of a new sheltering breakwater as well as a new grading and working floor.

In 1997 we began the negotiations which have, after long and hard work, eventually concluded iwth the acquisition of the Masso assets both in Cangas and Bueu.

2001, we accomplished the most extensive remodelation of our premises, the berth was increased up to 240 m. (800ft) and a new cold chamber, as well as a goods loading dock, were built. This improvements paid with a greatly increased storing capacity and an advancement in our internal logistics. We even completely refurbished our offices!

Year 2002, today, now. We keep on working with the proficiency, know-how and confidence which are our tags. History does already back our facts.

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