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Conservas Lolin S.L.
Address: Paseo Menéndez Pelayo, 55, 39700 Castro Urdiales, Spain
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Canned Lolin
The quality and experience are two words closely related to Canned Lolin that has become a business reality. Since 1955, the firm has directed his steps towards a thorough development process which has allowed her to establish itself as the best company in the sector. Lolin its canning has become synonymous with anchovies, albacore tuna Cantabrian and clear high quality and unique taste.

Its founder, Manuel Gutiérrez Elorza, has managed to raise to the top one of the products of Cantabria, anchovy. It could not have been without this strategy that premium quality and pampering products. Each of the steps to the finished product Canning is crucial in Lolin. To get the best raw materials, Canned Lolin port is present in auctions and bid to obtain items of excellent quality. In fact, in the last 4 years, Canned Lolin has bid at auction for parts Cantabrian better quality, making more than 70 percent of the raw material of coastal.

This commitment to quality, made, to the 70, Canned Lolin be distinguished on the hundreds of companies in the sector were located in Castro Urdiales. By then, Lolin business strategy focused on the export of salted anchovies to -line Italian market that remains today-and, of course, in the domestic market where it currently stands as canning leader.

In 1990, a new step. Manuel Gutiérrez Elorza decides to market Canned Salted and Lolin, the brand that has distinguished him over the years. Since then, Lolin has become synonymous with quality and trust anchovy. In fact, on several occasions it has been awarded the work done at the factory with the Silver Medal and Gold Medal, the latter granted the fiftieth anniversary of Canned Lolin.

Lolin’s extensive experience and preserved in salted anchovy, we have served to embark on new adventures. One example has been the opening of superb facilities in 2007 which enabled it to expand its product range. Today’s letter is complete with excellent Lolin canned Tuna and Yellowfin Tuna Biscay.

Lolin facilities, nestled in the fishing village of Castro Urdiales, covering more than 15,000 square feet dedicated to selecting and preparing the fresh product. The factory is equipped with latest technologies and strict quality controls guarantee this production. Also have a specialized l aboratory devoted to analysis of production and research of new processes and developments to ensure greater quality and competitiveness of anchovies and tuna.

As castreño neighbor, Canned Lolin is also fully engaged in improving the quality of life of its neighbors. The company organizes every year, visits to small municipal facilities and known within the sports world, sponsors the trawler La Marinera.

Within its sector, Canned Lolin is not only a benchmark of quality, it is also a leader in the defense industry. In fact, promotes contact of the agents involved in this sector internationally through performances as Resources International Congress of Biscay or ‘cluster’ Transform.

Ultimately, Canned Lolin since its inception made a clear commitment to the commitment and quality, two features that have been reinforced over the years with business actions and societal level.

Certificates obtained
Canned Lolin was certified in August 2011 by the international body Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance, Standards in Quality Management and Food Security:
– ISO 22000: 2005
– BRC ed. 5
– IFS ed. 5

The implementation of the guidelines established in these Rules, ensure proper development in the different stages of production, from receipt of raw materials, proper handling, the optimum condition of the facilities, the training continues until further handlers marketing of the product; being fully controlled, both from the point of view of product quality and food safety of the same.

This new improvement is in the effort that this Company has been developing in the defense, and improving service to your clients and potential markets. Key objective within the strategy of Canned Lolin.

So, in addition to others, we have created the online consumer advice, designed to meet the questions, suggestions or other issues that customers may wish to raise, where they attend you.

We have created a consumer hotline aimed at resolving questions, suggestions or other issues and so far as possible try to meet the needs that may arise. You can contact us in and on the phone 942 864 440.

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