Conservas del Noroeste, S.A.



Conservas del Noroeste, S.A.
Address: Acuña s/n – 36141. VILABOA (Pontevedra). ESPAÑA.
Telephone: +34 986 708 233
Fax: +34 986 709 030

Conservas del Noroeste, S.A. “CONNORSA”, a canning company located in the estuary of Vigo, cans the best fish and seafood from the Galician estuaries since 1985.

Managerial dynamism has been the main drive motor of our development. More than 110 product references, elaborated and canned with state-of-the-art means, have reached a very important turnover in the domestic “seafood” sector, competing with companies of a centenary tradition.

Near the raw material, near the quality.
CONNORSA has a single elaboration plant equipped with state-of-the-art production technology.

Connorsa’s premises are located in the southern coast of Galicia. At the production heart of the best seafood and fish in the world.

Food Quality and  Food Security
Different International Regulations recognize the maturity and efficiency of our Quality Management and Food Security System.

Since 1997 the ISO 9001:2000 regulation guarantees the control of our processes. In 2008 we obtained the IFS and BRC certifications, food security regulations used worldwide scale as a frame of reference for the manufacture of safe food. All of them confirm the company’s commitment with the continuous improvement of their productive processes in order to offer efficient solutions to the clients needs.

Environmental Commitment
In addition to a strict compliance with environmental laws in every production process, our environmental awareness makes us use cans and packing manufactured with recyclable materials.


Blue Line
Our “Blue Line”, inside our range of products “CABO DE PEÑAS” specialized in Big Consumption and Formats for Hotel Industry, it is known for the variety of canned food that it offers.

Skippers / Little Horse Mackerel
Clams / Razor Shells
Light Meat Tuna
Octopus / Squids
Sardines / Small Sardines

Golden Line
CABO DE PEÑAS “Gold Line” is made with fish and seafood from the Rias, and we select the ones of higher quality. Olive oil and the best raw material provide our “Gold Line” with an excellent quality, very appreciated by our customers and consumers.

Great Selection
Top-quality canned food, carefully homemade for the “Great Selection” line of our brand CABO DE PEÑAS. We select only the best from the Galician estuaries, a “natural factory” origin of the best quality fish and seafood in the world.

They are made with delicacy and seasoned just with the best olive oils to give that special taste that make our canned products the real leaders of the present cookery.

This is our CABO DE PEÑAS “Great Selection”, the best of the best.

Organic Products
The consumers demand every day more health and ecology in all the products. To this increasing exigency in “Cabo de Peñas” we have used the best oil, organic extra
virgin olive oil.

In “Cabo de Peñas” we know as you that the consumption habits are oriented towards a new food culture based on the products that benefit the health. This necessity creates an emergent market to which we give answer with new line of conserves. The best selection of raw materials with extra virgin olive oil of the maximum quality and with the best organic ingredients.

Bajo en sal
Nowadays, more and more people need to reduce the salt content in their daily diet or they just want to follow a healthier diet. Therefore “CABO de PEÑAS” improves its range of reduced-salt products with SARDINES and SMALL SARDINES in OLIVE OIL. More choice for a healthier diet.

Under brand Cíes we offer a wide range of references. Its excellent quality is due to a strict selection of raw materials that are processed and canned with estate-of-the-art means and technology. This brand includes an extensive variety of selected products that are distinguished within its range, like Gold Line. With brand Cíes we pretend to offer a great quality product with a different presentation.

“Las Carabelas”
“Las Carabelas” is one of our big consumption brands. It commercialises a very wide range of references that can be extended to other new varieties, depending on
our distributors – customers needs.

Adaptability and quality in equal shares.

Just like any of our brands targeted to big consumption, “Ventosela” offers the possibility of extending its list of references shown in the attached table, with other new ones that the distributor may consider commercially interesting.



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