Claus Sørensen AS



Claus Sørensen AS

Head Office / Administration:
Address: Auktionsgade 6-8, DK-6700  Esbjerg
Phone: +45 7512 9644
Fax: +45 7513 7219
Email: info(at)
Invoice mail: adm-faktura(at)

John Andersen – Managing director
Jesper Toft Mathiasen – Production Manager/COO
Email: teknik(at)

Sales & Marketing:
Per Olesen – Vice President
Email: salg(at)

Jan Venø – Financial Manager
Email: okonomi(at)

IT Department:
Carsten Wolf – IT Manager
Email: it(at)

Quality and Environment:
Poul Kjærulff – Quality and Environmental Manager
Email: phk(at)


Claus Sørensen A/S, Hanstholm
Address: Industrivangen 27-31, DK-7730  Hanstholm
Phone: +45 9796 1100
Fax: +45 9796 2239
Email: hanstholm(at)
Invoice mail: han-faktura(at)

Claus Sørensen A/S, Skagen
Address: Coasterkaj 9, DK-9990  Skagen
Phone: +45 9844 6466
Fax: +45 9844 6230
Email: skagen(at)
Invoice mail: ska-faktura(at)

Claus Sørensen A/S, Hirtshals
Address: Jens Munksvej 6, DK-9850  Hirtshals
Phone: +45 9894 1566
Fax: +45 9894 4095
Email: hirtshals(at)
Invoice mail: hir-faktura(at)

Claus Sørensen A/S, Thyboroen
Address: Roedspaettevej 1, Postboks 3, DK-7680  Thyboroen
Phone: +45 9783 1003
Fax: –
Email: thyboron(at)
Invoice mail: thb-faktura(at)

Claus Sørensen A/S, Engesvang
Address: Loehdesvej 15, DK-7442  Engesvang
Phone: +45 8686 5800
Fax: +45 8686 5828
Email: engesvang(at)
Invoice mail: eng-faktura(at)

Claus Sørensen A/S, TVN
Address: Kristian Skous Vej 1, DK-7100  Vejle
Phone: +45 7642 8733
Fax: +45 7572 2979
Email: tvn(at)
Invoice mail: tvn-faktura(at)

Claus Sørensen A/S, Vejle
Address: Ellehammersvej 7, DK-7100  Vejle
Phone: +45 7640 9644
Fax: +45 7640 9645
Email: vejle(at)
Invoice mail: eh7-faktura(at)

Claus Sørensens A/S, Bellinge
Address: Kratholmvej 6, DK-5260  Odense S
Phone: +45 6596 1335
Fax: +45 6596 1631
Email: bellinge(at)
Invoice mail: bel-faktura(at)

Claus Sørensen A/S, Padborg
Address: Visherredsvej 2, Postboks 36, DK-6330  Padborg
Phone: +45 7467 0101
Fax: +45 7467 0111
Email: padborg(at)
Invoice mail: pad-faktura(at)

Denmark´s leading chain of cold stores and freezer plants

Claus Sorensen A/S operates cold stores and freezer plants which are strategically well-placed in relation to the production of Danish foods and the country’s leading fishing ports. The capacity totals more than 800,000 cubic metres.

We are Denmark’s leader in servicing the food industry, and we strive to serve our customers quickly, efficiently and on competitive terms. Close dialogue ensures that we continuously develop cooperation with our customers for our mutual benefit, among other things through the use of the industry’s most advanced IT system.

Responsible and committed staff, state-of-the-art technology and equipment for handling food at our 11 departments are our most important resources. Every day, we work to optimize all processes, achieve the highest energy efficiency and protect the environment.

Our headoffice is in Esbjerg and we are a consolidated, trust ownership employing around 240 people.

Top standards – and a little more besides
In all processes, we comply with the highest national and international standards governing food handling. A number of cold stores and freezer plants are approved for export to countries all over the world, and all new employees are trained in working with quality, efficiency and safety.

The main certifications:
– BRC (British Retail Consortium) sets the standard in the UK, North America and many European countries.
– IFS (International Food Standard) is a requirement for supplying food to a number of German and French retail chains.

Our quality management programmes are based on self-monitoring programmes according to the HACCP method (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points). The critical points in food safety are thus identified and errors prevented. HACCP is a central tool in our quality management system and it is adapted to the conditions in each department.

“We have set high standards for all our activities in the company. This applies to operating efficiency, OHS and quality management, etc.
Our customers expect the best – and that’s what they get!”
Jesper Toft Mathiasen, COO

We have many years’ experience of all types of handling and packing of fish and seafood, so they comply with the requirements of Danish and overseas authorities. Retail packing, bag packing, vacuum packing and packing in bags and boxes, as well as the glazing of fish products are just some of the options. We cover the entire logistics chain from unloading at the dock to the processing of orders and distribution.

Cold facts
We have cold stores and freezer plants with a total capacity of 800,000 cubic metres and a freezing capacity of around 1,800 tonnes a day. In addition to freezing and storage, we offer a range of services, all performed to the highest standards and quality norms.
– Order picking
– Distribution and transport
– Sorting
– Weighing
– Glazing
– Packing
– Retail packing of fish and shellfish products
– Quality control



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