Chile Sea Foods



Chile Sea Foods
Address: Colón Nº 493, Puerto Montt, 5501957 Chile
Phone: +56 65 225 78 30
Fax: +56 65 225 06 93

Email Information
Nadim Aranki:
Diego Hernandez:

The Company
We are working to be recognized by our consumers as the best Chilean provider of natural and sustainable seafood, to achieve their trust in our brand and products. We are committed with our suppliers to be their best business partners paying fair prices for their products. With our workers our effort is focused on being able to pay higher salaries and to give them the best working environment possible. To the rest of the stakeholders, our future aim is to build a broad community, throughout the whole chain, from source to plate.

Responsible Management
The company has integrated its trading business platform through strategic alliances with responsible fishing and aquaculture suppliers, as well as highly qualified processing companies in order to fulfill the requirements of the most demanding and diversified customers around the globe.

Our Team
Is based on hard working professionals of the industry with huge experience in the different areas of the business; Production, processing, quality assurance, export logistics and international sales.

– Atlantic Salmon
– Salmon Trout
– Pacific Salmon / Coho Salmon
– Mussels
– Antartic Queen
– King Clip
– Chilean Abalone
– King Crab
– King Crab Frozen Block
– Stone Crab
– Snow Crab
– Pacific Pomfret
– Sea Urchins
– Octopus
– Scallops



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