Cape Fish Group AS



Cape Fish Group AS
Address: Nordkappveien 4, 9750 Honningsvåg, Norway

CEO: Bjørn Ronald Olsen
Mobile phone:  +47 90866911
Visit address: Nordkappveien 45,  9750 Honningsvåg

Sales Manager: Erlend Johnsen
Mobile phone: +47 41 64 62 23.

Hanne Benjaminsen
Mobile Phone: +47 97 11 97 33.

Administration:  Kirsti Severinsen
Mobile phone: +47 90607129

Production Manager: Bernt Arild Nicolaisen +47 97703895
Fax number: 783 89 895

Welcome to Cape Fish Group.
Cape Fish Group AS is a locally owned company, sited on the top of Europe in Honningsvaag. Honningsvaag is one of the northernmost cities in the world, and the city has an unique closeness to the best fishing fields of the Barents Sea.

What is unique with our company is that we only produce products out of fresh raw material. This gives us an advantage making products of the best quality.

Cape Fish Group AS produce finished products for markets all around the world, and the products are branded with the desirable Cape Fish brand. The company is an independent and vigorous business which is owned local and securely rooted in the local community.

We are proud to present that we are the worlds northernmost producer of dried and salted cod(Bacalhau).

From our factory in Honningsvag to the North Cape  at N 71° 10`21″ , it is about  a 35 minutes driving, where you can see a flourishing coastal scene with several opportunities for outdoor life and recreation.

Cape Fish Products
The North -East Arctic Cod-stock (Gadus Morhua) is the largest cod stock in the world.  The Barentsea are  in very good condition, due to years of well-regulated fishing and substainable managment. The cod fishery in the North is conducted all year. The landings are delivered from the local fishing fleet, consisting of vessel between 10 and 20 meters.  The cold subarctic climate is ideal for making good use of our kind of rawmaterial.

High Quality Products
Cape Fish Group AS is a supplier of high quality products which involves a high demand of knowledge in producing different kinds of products, for our employees. For us to have the possibilities to make high quality products we depend on the local fishermen bringing us raw materials with the best quality. We are very thankful of being cited in a perfect location for receiving the best quality raw materials from the local coastal fleet, which possess a very high comepetence in capturing and the treatment of first hand products. Our plants on Magerøya in Finnmark, is only 1-2 hours from one of the best fishing fields in Norway, which gives an unique advantage in terms of receiving first class raw materials.

Cape Fish Group AS has implemented HACCP ( Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) system on all our types of production. This system is strictly followed by all the participants in the production, and contributes in making safe finished products for our customers.

Our HACCP system is build up out of 7 principals which is controlled and adjusted regularly in each of our different productions.
1.Identify all Hazards
2. Identify all Critical Control Points
3. Determine critical limits for all control points
4. Establishing procedures for monitoring critical control points
5. Deviation report and corrective action
6. Evaluation and verification of food safety
7. Documentation and logging

Cape Fish Group AS has its own HACCP -Team who on a monthly basis discuss and make adjustments to the implemented system. In this way Cape Fish Group AS is always updated in adjusting its productions with the aim of making sure the food safety and the production facilities is at its best.

Our main product are:
*  Fresh fish
*  Stock-fish
*  Round frozen fish
*  Wet salted fish
* Dried Fish (Klippfish)
* Norwegian Red King Crab.

All our fish are sold and exported  under our own trade mark: Cape Fish.



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