Cabomar Congelados S.A.



Cabomar Congelados S.A.
Address: Puerto de Marín, sn, 36900 Marín, Pontevedra, Pontevedra, Spain
Phone: +34 986 83 95 84

Address: Puerto de Marín s/n, 36900, Marín – Pontevedra, Spain.
C.I.F. A-36.821.007
PH. +34 986 882 460
FAX +34 986 890 419

PH. +34 986 839 584
FAX +34 986 838 113
LATITUDE 42.402925 (42° 24′ 10,53″)
LENGTH -8.686297 (-8° 41′ 10,67″)

Market oriented: constantly researching market needs and trends.
Personalised service: personalised serviced in accordance with the specific needs of each client.
Quality throughout the entire process: certified quality systems ISO 9001 and IFS at every process stage.
Innovation: our R+D department is constantly reviewing and improving our products and processes in order to adopt them to our clients´ needs.
Continuous improvement: We permanently try to reduce our costs with the purpose to offer to our clients a high quality product with the best price possible.

Quality certificates
Cabomar has established from its beginning a set of high quality standards that have been regarded with the ISO 9001 certified and IFS 5th version, here we have obtained the higher grade since 2010.

Industrial Capacity
Cabomar is a company which offers a range of refrigeration services and manufacturing products involving storage, production and marketing of frozen productos.

Cold storage capacity: 27.000 m3, 8.500 pallet spaces,
controlled temperature at -20 º.
5 refrigerated loading docks.
Traceability: radio frequency information system.

Squid, calamari and giant squid cleaning line
Band sawing / Stake line
Block freezing line
IQF freezing line
Pre-fried line: breadcrumbs or batter
Mixes line

Packing lines:
bulk products
bagging line.
thermosealed tray line.
fish grading by weight.
second skin and item by item labelling.
vacuum line.
shrink wrapping line.
case packing.

At present Cabomar have two differentiated brands: Marnatura and Marnaturavida.

whole squid Sliced baby squid
Head hake
Cape Hake
Argentinian red shrimp
Head hake
Cape hake
Argentinian red shrimp
octopus galician morocco mauritania
Cuttlefish Sepia officinalis Cabomar Marnatura
Monkfish south africa Lophius piscatorius
Boiled mussel meat Marnatura
Boiled mussel meat
Boiled half shell mussels galician chile
Squid T&T Cabomar Marnatura
Boiled half shell mussels
Squid T&T
Pacific squid Pacific giant squid
vietnam clam pacific clam
Thailand clams Indiam clams
Tuna dices Marnatura
Pacific squid
Pacific clam
Thailand clams
Tuna dices
Giant squid ring
Hake dices
Giant squid
Hake dices
Buttered squid rings
Healthy battered squid rings
Baby squid coated on flour Marnatura
Breaded squid strips Breaded Pacific squid strips Breaded giant squid strips
Battered squid rings
Healthy battered squid rings
Baby squid coated on flour
Breaded squid strips
Breaded hake fillets
Hake stakes Stuffed and Battered
Battered seafood and vegetables mix Marnatura
Hake sticks Stuffed and Battered
Breaded hake fillets
Hake stakes
Battered seafood and vegetables mix
Hake sticks
Funny fish shapes Stuffed and Battered
Stuffed and Battered Tiger mussels
Battered shrimp Marnatura
Hake fingers
Funny fish shapes
Stuffed mussels
Battered shrimp
Hake fingers
Battered ring
Battered ring
seafood mixes
Paella mix with broth
Mushrooms and seafood mix
Black rice seafood mix Marnatura
Seafood soup mix Marnatura
Paella mix with broth
Mushrooms and seafood mix
Black rice seafood mix
Seafood soup
Seafood and vegetables cocktail mix
Spanish seafood cocktail mix
Clam in green sauce Marnatura
Tuna and chickpeas mix
Seafood and vegetables cocktail
Spanish seafood cocktail
Clam in green sauce
Tuna and chickpeas mix



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