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Address: 18-20 Donga Rd, North Geelong VIC 3215
Phone: +61 3 52 78 6433
Fax: +61 3 52 78 6433

Seafood Processing
Since its inception Barwon Foods has specialized in seafood processing and distribution both domestically and internationally to markets such as Japan, China, France, Netherlands, and Belgium to name a few.

Barwon Foods is well-equipped to process, package, snap freeze and store large quantities of product ranging from scallops, squid/calamari and various species of fish. Our facilities are HACAAP, ASIQ and PrimeSafe certified and conveniently located next to national highway and port facilities along with being less than an hour from the Port of Melbourne, which is Australia’s busiest port.

If you have any questions in regards to our processing facilities and how we can service or partner your business please contact Barwon Foods and one of our Processing Specialists will be able to assist you with your enquires.

We stock a wide variety of fresh and frozen seafood sourced daily from local markets and fisherman. We constantly strive to source the best quality products for our customers and ensure it is of the highest quality.

Accreditations & Certifications
Barwon Foods offers the best seafood and the best service, so it’s only natural that we are also accredited by the best people. Here are some of them.

The National Allied Food Distributors Association
We are proud of our association with the NAFDA, Australia’s leading foodservice procurement and marketing company. Not only does our association benefit our customers with prices but it also offers loyalty programs. For more information in regards to NAFDA and the benefits they can offer please visit the NAFDA website or contact Barwon Foods. HACCAP is a globally recognised food handling protocol that ensures the proper handling, storage and distribution of food products. Barwon Foods has been verified as meeting the International Code of Practice:

General Practice of Food Hygiene including Annex of Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCAP) System and Guidelines for its Application.

Barwon Foods seafood processing and exporting facilities are compliant with all AQIS and PrimeSafe requirements, which ensures the very best in safe handling and hygiene

Our products range include:
– A wide variety of fresh local seafood
– Oysters
– Mussels
– Prawns
– Crayfish (live and cooked)
– Crab (live and cooked)
– Octopus
– Squid
– Calamari
– Scallops (local and imported)

We also maintain a large frozen range with a variety of local and imported products.



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