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Barry Group Inc.
Address: 415 Griffin Drive, Corner Brook, NL, Canada, A2H 3E9
Telephone: 709-785-7387
Fax: 709-785-5365

Sales Representatives
North America: Kevin Baldwin
Tel: +709-785-7386

Europe: David Middleton
Tel: +709-785-7386

Barry Group Inc. has been involved in fish harvesting and processing since the 1830’s. In 1854 we established the current business in Corner Brook.

During the 1960’s the advent of modern technology presented promising business opportunities and, as a result, the Barry Group placed greater focus on quality, customer service, and marketing, while significantly expanding the customer base and production with more diverse species and packs.

The responsible expansion of the Barry Group was contrived in the final decade of the last century with strategic access to more processing plants, and expanded quotas. This expansion allowed the company to begin diversifying domestically and internationally.

Today, a large and skillful workforce throughout Atlantic Canada processes thousands of tons of fish from an expanding list of species for the demanding and competitive international market.

Harvesting & Procurement
Market feedback and plant quality inspections allow us to determine how we should procure raw material. Close, established relationships with fishermen ensure that our processing facilities maintain top quality and predictable raw material for production. In our competitive industry, these approaches and relationships are the key to meeting the demanding specifications of our clients.

A sustainable resource is central to our company’s future prosperity and, contrary to many businesses of the past, our company is a real long-term stakeholder and investor in the industry. We work actively with fisherman and resource biologists and other scientists to responsibly manage our renewable resources.

Quality Assurance
Barry Group Inc. strives to meet and exceed the quality expectations of their customers. Performing high quality processing on top quality seafoods, you can be sure that products from Barry Group Inc. will be of the highest quality, and provide a wonderful taste experience.   Food quality and safety have emerged as a key consideration in food selection by processors, consumers and regulators. Consumers, in particular, want to have confidence that the food they eat was handled and processed in a safe and consistent way. In order to provide the necessary assurance to consumers for quality and safety, it is essential that a mechanism being placed that enforces regulations and monitors how our food gets processed. In Canada, all lobster products are processed in provincially licensed plants. These plants must adhere to strict regulations as set out in the Fish Inspection Regulations Act and are enforced by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA).

To satisfy the Fish Inspection Regulations, all seafood processing plants must implement a Quality Management Plan (QMP). The QMP is an internationally recognized set of standards that govern how food is handled, processed and labelled. The seafood processing plants are audited through a Compliance Verification program initiated by the CFIA to ensure that all plants satisfy the strict regulations imposed by the industry. The food safety program implemented through the QMP are among the most stringent in the world. Processed lobster products from Canada are assured to be of the highest quality and safety.

Products By Species

Frozen At Sea Groundfish
Ten years ago, the Barry Group began expanding its business in separate areas relative to domestic shore production. Cooperating closely with fishermen and boat owners, we have been able to utilize offshore quotas of both Greenland Halibut and Ocean Perch (Redfish) to create new business opportunities. Greenland Halibut is produced as either H&G (headed & gutted, tail off) or HOG (head-on, gutted), whereas the Redfish is produced either whole round, or H&G. All material is produced and frozen at sea aboard the vessel that catches it. It then becomes available for sale to international markets.

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Whether it is daily fresh trout fillet deliveries to Atlanta, individually quick frozen (IQF) redfish fillets to a supermarket chain, or salted split codfish to the Iberian Peninsula, the Barry Group delivers according to schedule and with competitive prices. As with pelagics, groundfish, for our company, has a historic rooting in the lives of our employees. Above all else, customers can rely on this internal knowledge of, and dedication towards our business as our reassurance that we will match any competition, abilities, or standards.

As the single largest exporter and producer in Atlantic Canada, the Barry Group processes three pelagic species in fresh, frozen, or marinated forms, including frozen female or male capelin, frozen mackerel, many forms of frozen herring, and a wide variety of private-label marinated herring for retail distribution. The Barry family has been involved in the herring fishery for over 100 years – customers can be certain that our employees have a wealth of knowledge and resources to draw upon in meeting their demands.

Barry Group Inc. harvests and processes many types of seafood, for sale in Europe and North America.
Snow Crab   Snow Crab (Chionoecetes opilio), produced under the Ocean Leader Brand, is distributed worldwide after passing inspection from a wide variety of qualified technicians. It can be served whole, in exclusive Japanese resorts, or perhaps a honeymoon couple in Las Vegas can consume brine frozen sections. Also, under the most stringent hygiene controls, we extract the sweet, red, attractive meat. Everything is done naturally without phosphates.



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