Bajamar Séptima, S.A. (Grupo Pescanova)



Bajamar Séptima, S.A. (Grupo Pescanova)
Address: Sabón Industrial Estate, Plot 13, 15142 Arteixo (A Coruña) SPAIN
Tel: (+34) 981 640 288/99
Fax: (+34) 981 640 277

Bajamar Séptima, S.A. is a modern food enterprise belonging to Pescanova Group and specializes in the development of raw and cooked seafood both bulk detall, fresh or frozen.

Our highly specialized production process and our team of art manufacturing enable us to provide a quick response in both volume and immediacy of service business as demanding as the market cooled and versatility for frozen formats. Our extensive knowledge and experience in the field enables us to provide the best raw materials and offer a wide variety of references tailored to the needs and requirements of our customers.

Our quality system certified under the standard IFS ensures strict control of all processes and, ultimately, our projects, products and customer service.

Our commitment to sustainable development of the environment has led us to get certified it under the ISO 14001 standard and commitment to safety and health is reflected in the certification OHSAS 18001.

Certifications Certifications Certifications

Bajamar Séptima, S.A. has always been committed to the quality of its products and processes.
For this reason, it has always remained at the forefront of Spanish power companies in areas such as food safety, environment or safety.

Currently have the following certifications:
IFS (International Food Standard): this rule instituted internationally is specific to the food industry and a requirement increasingly demanded by most large retail businesses. For more information:
ISO 14001: Seventh Bajamar’s commitment to the environment is demonstrated on a certification of environmental management that ensures proper treatment of waste, fuel efficiency or emissions reduction, among others.
OHSAS 18001: A Management System Occupational Health and Safety of the need to ensure people working in a Bajamar Séptima, S.A. as safe as possible based on the identification and prevention of potential risks and establish corrective measures work environment.


Production facilities
Bajamar Séptima, S.A. has a highly automated installations comprising latest machinery for cooking, freezing or brine static tunnel, weighing, bagging, packing and palletizing, among others. Thanks to a modular design versatility when working with different products and formats, enabling us to offer a wide range of options to our customers is achieved.

Auxiliary Services
We have all the ancillary services needed to provide a productive autonomy. Recently built is our robotic camera negative cold for up to 5,500 pallets. Turn have positive cold chambers, storage containers and packaging, large dock for loading and unloading and all other infrastructures and departments for proper management.

Integration into our systems of production variables, movement of raw materials and finished products, quality sampling, etc. we guarantee an unambiguous monitoring traceability and real-time control of manufacturing.

Seafood: Commodities

Food Quality and Safety
Bajamar Séptima, S.A. uses the best raw materials, selecting suppliers and establishing rigorous quality controls in both purchasing and receiving.

The greatest variety
Always looking for the adaptation to the customer, the market and the consumer, we have a wide variety of species and sizes.

The good thing goes well
The slogan of Pescanova is always present in our management of raw material purchases.



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