Asian Seafoods Coldstorage (Sriracha) Co., Ltd.



Asian Seafoods Coldstorage Public Co., Ltd.
Address: 55/2 Rama2 Road, Tambon Bangkrajao, Amphur Muang, Samutsakorn 74000 Thailand
Tel: (034) 822700-5
Fax:(034) 822407, (034) 822698-9, (034) 822706

If traveling from Bangkok.
For travelers heading towards. Samut Sakhon left the city before reaching the hospital. Else to drive straight on at the hospital. Else about 700 meters out in parallel. Then cross the Tha Chin River Bridge From the Tha Chin River Bridge Company, for a distance of about 700 meters, the company is on the left. 7-story blue glass building

If traveling from the Sun. Samui in Sakon.
For travelers heading towards. Bangkok before the bridge over the Tha Chin River, about 500 meters to a parallel course. Back under the bridge Tha Chin River. Then, a distance of about 700 meters, the company is on the left. 7-story blue glass building

We are one of the leading seafood manufacturers and feed with a recognizable brand. With world-class quality and social responsibility.

– There are great rewards to Shareholders and Correlated With business partners For sustainable growth.
– The organization is social good staffs. And related healthy happy family.
– Production value at a lower cost.
– Innovative products in response to consumer and manufacturing processes to increase performance.
– Have personnel with expertise. And attitudes appropriate to the ready position.
– With modern information technology, communication and management.

– Fresh shrimp
– Cooked shrimp
– Breaded products
– Octopus Products
– Processed tuna products
– Kisu processed fish products
– Cooked seafood products
– Fresh Food



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