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Asia Fish Source Company Limited
Address: B1010 Botai International Mansion, Guangshun Beidajie, Chaoyang, Beijing 100102, China
Tel:+86 10 64703049
Fax:+86 10 5141 0897

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Based on decade years experience of seafood industry, Asia fish source, a vigorous and professional team, was established and dedicated to supply “clean quality” fishery products. Processing factories of the company are equipped with modern facilities and frozen cold storage compartments. One plant is for bivalves products, including types of scallop and clams; the other plant is mainly for breaded and dry items, incl. squid, shrimp, scallop, silver fish and etc… On years of supplying domestic and international markets, have been created new opportunities in a rich variety of other food products, Asia fish now has also been the distributor for other wide scope seafood, fruits and vegetables from potential and good reputation partners, just lead you to the highest quality frozen products at best possible market price with good service.

Our well established team of executives travel the globe, collecting market information,developing unique products and packaging concepts with partners, this reinforces our special niche for food providing. Asia fish source is much more than a seafood source with quality, what else…

We offload your seafood… landing catches of fresh raw materials daily. As a primary producer of bivalves products, we offload from main farm and catching area with quality as the priority, and we process it in the same day. Nothing added, something gained… value, fresh, safety, that’s what we give back to you.

We process your seafood… offloading at our dockside facility, each order is immediately processed, packed and shipped as your specification. We offer to supply you with continuity, quality and competitive pricing. Every order is handled with pride and carefully monitoredto ensure compliance with the HACCP regulations. As your comprehensive service partner, we maintain the quality to deliver only the best on time …every time.

We source your seafood… selectively procuring a variety of premium seafood from the reputation partners. Each day we continue to source Asia-wide, utilizing an established network of solid relationships, market knowledge, and distribution channels. We take pride in the fact that we provide our clients with superior sourcing.

We distribute your seafood… servicing and supplying with products that are consistently prized for the color, texture and taste. To master the art of shipping fresh and frozen seafood, is to understand that is all in the timing. Certified materials control, stable temperature on whole processing and transportation, and close proximity to dockside ensure that our products are delivered as premium. No detail is overlooked.

With continuously monitors your shipment to minimize problems and maximize your satisfaction, striving to exceed our customers’ expectations….that is what we are doing

We focus on providing our customers with the “quality assured products” as very own specification and “efficient service” by realizing your specific demands. With our dedicated team, continue to listen to our customers, we delivery the extensive range of products including seafood, fruits and vegetables. Asia Fish Source is not only your sourcing office; we stand behind reputation with our alternative services.

Experienced team traveling around factories frequently, updating plant audit, measuring their performance, collecting market information, offering transparent price, with all these efforts,
we strive to put you in touch with the right source of supply. Artwork design – new packing concepts, innovative packaging techniques, these bring creative, attractive and functional of your articles with deep impression to get successful marketing response.

Loading inspection – for quality control we constantly monitor raw material coming from, plant operations, food safety, traceability, adherence to HACCP work flow and your own specifications. All foods that come out from our HACCP certified facility have been individually inspected to insure the quality coming to your expectation. No matter with our full set of services; or just artwork design only; or load inspection to monitor your shipments only as your requirement; We are all pleased to share our ability, experience, service and quality products with all of you, all of the time!!!

Asia Fish offers a comprehensive range of frozen seafood and aquaculture products, from fish, shrimp, bivalves, cepalopod, to many many other specialties, tailor-made to customer’s own requirements. As a perfect compliment to this range, fruits and vegetables are included in our product list.




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