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Aquapri A/S
Address: Havnevej 18, DK – 3300 Frederiksværk, DENMARK
Tel: +45 47 76 00 10
Fax: +45 47 77 03 70

Company Profile – a family business
AquaPri is a family business, owned 100% by the Priess family, where the brothers Anders and Nels Priess recently have been succeeded as owners by their sons Henning and Morten. All four are still part of the management.

Primary business areas
The largest business area for AquaPri is trout (including trout caviar). With 50 years experience in trout farming, AquaPri has been a national pioneer in this field, and today we are one of the largest producers of trout in Denmark with a production of about 5.000 tonnes a year. In recent years, we have also had success with farmed pike perch, which is a business area we will be expanding in the future.

Handpicked luxury
We focus exclusively on luxury products, and always take the necessary time to achieve the very best quality. Through many years of work within this field, our specialized workforce has developed methods to ensure that we always obtain exactly the quality that we are looking for. We see it as our core competence to meet your individual demands, and to handpick the quality you require.

Food safety, traceability and sustainability
All of our production takes place in Denmark, where we are subject to some of the strictest food safety and sustainability legislation in the world. Furthermore, we have implemented our own food safety programme, in accordance with the HACCP principles. A central element in our strategy is a traceability programme, where we trace the fish through the entire supply chain, from egg to the final product.

AquaPri specializes in sustainably farmed pike perch, trout caviar and trout. We take pride in supplying our customers with products of the highest quality, from both clean ocean waters and innovative production plants.

Clean waters
The exceptionally clean Danish sea waters are ideal for farming high quality fish, and make it possible for us to produce some of the cleanest trout and roe in the entire world.

Dedicated workforce
Our dedicated workforce is one of the most important reasons why we are able to supply you with products of the highest quality year after year.
Their skill and experience ensure that only the finest fish and caviar are handpicked for our customers.

Food safety control
Danish food safety standards are among the strictest in the world, and are controlled meticulously by the Danish authorities.
It is therefore a great satisfaction that AquaPri’s food safety inspection history has earned us the ELITE certification issued by the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration.



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