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You can visit our warehouse fish market
Located: 276 Grand Street, New York, NY 10002

Please feel free to contact us at any time, we are available for wholesale seafood and individual purchase through our shop section. You can also use our form below!
Phone Number: (212) 343-4211

Most of the items on our site is available for purchase at our warehouse store and will be sold at warehouse fish market prices.

Aqua Best originally started out as a mom and pop store located in downtown New York City just blocks away from the original Fulton Fish Market. In the olden days , good seafood was readily available in the market but the secret to obtaining great seafood was to directly deal with the fishermen. Therefore in the 1980‘s my parents traveled as far north as Maine and as down south as Virginia in order to find the best source of seafood. Our underlying strategy was to secure the highest quality seafood in order to give our company a competitive edge. By doing so, we also discovered that by acquiring the freshest seafood from the local fishermen, we were also receiving better pricing on the seafood. During the beginning stages of our company, seafood lovers were only well acquainted with Maine lobster and Maryland blue crab. Throughout the past few decades we’ve come to realize that seafood has different seasons in a year just as we do. Due to our longevity in the business, we have become experts in knowing which types of seafood flourish during specific months and areas of the ocean. Our expertise is what makes the difference between good seafood and magnificent seafood.

Wholesale Seafood
If you’re interested in contacting our wholesale division,
Please feel free to contact us via email at: or call us at: 718-625-8838.

A representative will be assigned to you and will answer any questions or take orders.

Aqua Best Seafood works closely with our merchants in the local market as well as clients overseas. Our main concentration and focus is to bring quality seafood and build a strong relationship with chefs, restaurants, culinary students, faculty at culinary schools and many others in the food industry.

We pride in offering competitive prices, great service and impeccable products.



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