Angulas El Angulero de Aguinaga



Angulas El Angulero de Aguinaga
Address: Casa Irurak-Bat, 20170 Aguinaga, Guipúzcoa, Spain
Phone: +34 943 36 63 46
Fax: +34 943 36 66 98
GPS Coordinates: Latitude: 43.277760 | Longitude: -2.072562

The Angulero Aguinaga, the best eels
Faithful to the tradition and committed to quality Aguinaga The Angulero put on your table the best eel market.

Thanks to new technologies, we can bring our company and put our facilities and experience to serve our customers and make a product like eels arrive in the best conditions and with the guarantee of a company with extensive experience in the food sector.

The best eel
Buy the best rivers in eels with ensuring our years of experience in this market.

Own facilities
The care and keep in our own nurseries, prepared in the traditional style, package them with the best guarantees in both fresh and frozen.

De Aguinaga to your table
Being a traditional family company we wanted to adapt to changing times and taking advantage of the possibilities offered, you make them available to our customers, our only reason for being.

Eels, The Angulero Aguinaga
In Angulero Aguinaga eels carefully select qualified personnel according to their purpose: not cooked or live.

Live glass eels [during the fishing season]
Adapting to changing times also offer live product for aquaculture, guaranteeing optimum quality in transport.

Cooked eels [round]
Our exquisite and famous eels we follow capturing and preparing by hand, using traditional methods to offer them with all the guarantees of quality in frozen and fresh.


Frozen eels (0.250 kg)
Angula cooked using traditional methods and then frozen for greater conservation. (Unit price 250 gr.)



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