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Amyco Foodstuff Group Ltd.
Amyco Group
Address: Room 2105, JJN 265, Trend Centre, 29-31 Cheung, Lee Street, CHAI WAN, CHINA
Skype: ac.foods
QQ: 1468351109

Professional tilapia fillet, tilapia GS, tilapia whole round supplier from China.

Did you know that heart disease takes more lives annually than any other cause in the World? Eating seafood at least twice a week has the potential to reduce the risk of dying from heart disease by 36% according to the Harvard School of Public Health. With the advantage of unpolluted environment and high product quality, we have developed significantly. Now we are one of the leading suppliers of Frozen Seafoods. We specialize in processing all kinds of frozen seafoods.

Our main products are all kinds of Frozen Fish and Shrimp. Such as Frozen Tilapia Fillet, Tilapia Whole Round, Gutted and Scaled Tilapia, Golden Pompano, Red Pomfret, Squid tube and rings, Octopus, Mackerel, Sardine and Vannamei Shrimp etc.

Our factory owns advanced production equipment and experienced management personnel. All facilities within our factory meets the sanitary management system requirements; all production is conducted in safe sanitary condition.  Our factory is EU approval, US FDA registered, and HACCP, BAP, BRC, ISO, Global GAP certified. During all the steps of production, from raw material receiving, processing, packing to loading, there is comprehensive monitoring to make sure our product is safe and traceable. Before product is dispatched out of factory, we will conduct strict quality inspection and laboratory testing.

We aim to supply our partners with the highest quality product at competitive price with excellent service. Our quality policy:first-rate quality, first-rate administration, first-rate technology,worldwide markets. A distinctive & reliable business partner, your ideal choice! Besides the quality products, we offer solutions, satisfaction, and profits.


Tilapia fish GS fresh frozen
Super deep skinned tilapia fillets
Tilapia Fillet IQF
Squid tube and rings
Tilapia Fillet High Quality from China
Yellow Croaker fish
Yellow Croaker
Tilapia GS 100 fresh
Frozen Tilapia GS
Tilapia Gutted and Scaled
Tilapia GS
Vannamei Shrimp CPUD
CPUD Vannamei Shrimp
Red Pomfret Whole Round
Black Tilapia Fish
Red Pomfret raw material
Tilapia Fillet AA grade from China
Frozen Tilapia Fillet
Tilapia fish High quality
Tilapia Fillet A grade from China
Red Pomfret high quality
GS Tilapia
Tilapia Fillet, fresh
Squid rings
Tilapia Fillet IVP
Frozen Tilapia Fillet skinon
Frozen Tilapia Fillet AAA grade super deep skinned
Tilapia Raw Material
Tilapia Fillet
Tilapia Fish Whole
Tilapia Fillet good quality from China
Frozen Squid Tube
Pacifica Mackerel IQF fillet
Spanish Mackerel WR
Spanish Mackerel skinon fillet
Horse Mackerel WR
Bonito-Auxis Tapeionsoma HG
Alaska pollock fillet
Silver Fish
Cat fish fillet
Cat fish
Silver Fish
Frozen Alaska Pollock Fillet
Pacific mackerel-Scomber Japonicus HG
Frozen Octopus
Squid tube
Horse Mackerel HGT
Pacific mackerel WR
Pacific mackerel (Scomber Japonicus) WR
Frozen Gutted Golden Pompano IVP
Skin on tilapia fillet
Red Tilapia fish whole round
Golden Pompano
Frozen Golden Pompano
Golden Pomfret
Frozen Golden Pomfret
Red Tilapia
Red Tilapia gutted and scaled
Deep Skinned Tilapia Fillet
Skin-on tail tilapia fillet
Frozen Tilapia, Gutted and Scaled
Raw Vannamei Shrimp
CHOSO Vannamei shrimp
Cooking shrimp
Peeled tail on
Shrimp CHOSO
CHOSO Vannamei shrimp
Shrimp Headless shell on
Skin on tail tilapia fillet
Crawfish tail meat fat-on
Frozen cooked crawfish tail meat fat-on or fat-off
Crawfish brine in dill
Crawfish tail meat fat-off



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