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Amanda Seafoods AS
Address: Constantiavej 29, DK 9900 Frederikshavn
Tel. +45 96 22 15 00
Fax +45 96 22 15 01

Company Profile
Since 1916, Amanda Seafoods A/S has manufactured canned high quality seafood products. In the mid 1950´s the company invented a new innovative product, pressed cod roe in cans. This was the beginning of an adventure about an industrial product, which since that time became a huge success – first in Denmark and later also abroad.

Still today pressed cod roe is an important part of our range, however, Amanda Seafoods is a lot more. We also offer canned mackerel in different sauces, cod liver, tuna and some fish pâté variants. Cod roe and a full range of mackerel variants have been launched with MSC certification. Our concepts of chilled and frozen seafood have become a success.

Apart from a broad retail assortment we also offer a full range of the same products in other and bigger packaging especially suited for the food service market. For the industrial market we offer flexible solutions according to the particular demands of our industrial customers, for instance mackerel in convenient alum bags.

“Amanda” is our own primary brand, however, we are also preferred supplier of private labels. We take great pride in developing new products or variants in close co-operation with our customers.

At Amanda we attach great importance to environmental care and we recycle most of our sludge and fish waste. Sustainability is a major issue and we have become MSC certified in 2008. We are of course also ISO 22000 certified.

Amanda is great taste, high quality, innovation and environmental care – fish with a smile !

For further information, please contact:

Morten Sander – Export Director  
Tel: +45 20 77 58 81

Aase Nørgaard Jensen – Assistant manager – Sales & export
Tel: +45 9622 1520

Helle Krebs Jørgensen – Assistant Manager – Sales and Export
Tel: +45 9622 1514

Quality & Environment
Food safety standards are becoming more and more stringent. Both consumers and authorities increasingly demand that the food we eat should be of high quality and produced with food safety very much a priority. This is why Amanda Seafoods is certified to the ISO 22000 standard.

This means that Amanda Seafoods has procedures in place to ensure that new ideas for processes and production methods are always systematically assessed from a food safety point of view and that all complaints and defects are evaluated to avoid repeat occurrences.

An ISO 22000 certificate also provides the security and documentation for the fact that Amanda Seafoods’ control systems meet statutory requirements for HACCP principles (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point), and that the company’s management and employees are used to working systematically with quality assurance and food safety.

Amanda Seafoods’ Quality Department ensures on a daily basis that the company’s quality control system always meets the requirements set out in the ISO 22000 standard and EU legislation. This is done by internal and external audits carried out by both customers and Bureau Veritas Certification.

At Amanda Seafoods A/S we also prioritise the environment. This is only natural as we depend on a clean ocean environment for good and fresh raw materials.

All of our production is carried out in a safe environment and we have our own sewage treatment system so that the waste water we produce is clean and poses no threat to the environment.

We also employ source separation of all waste as part of our environmental policy. Foil/plastic and cardboard/paper are recycled while all other types of waste are disposed of in accordance with current regulations.


Canned Products
Amanda Seafoods represents the best of Danish fish processing. For almost a century Amanda has been a famous brand of pressed cod roe and other canned seafood such as cod liver, mackerel, tuna specialties etc.
– Roe
– Mackerel
– Tuna
– Cod liver
– Kippers

Chilled products
New value-added chilled category. Following our tradition of innovative high quality products Amanda is now launching a new category of value-added chilled precessed seafood. Our goal is to inspire consumers to new and exciting ways to eat healthy and convenient fish products.
– Seafood Cold Cuts
– Seafood Spreads
– Skagen Fish Sausage
– Food Service

Frozen products
Further to our comprehensive canned seafood range, we continue to develop our business into new areas. Building on our expertise in manufacturing fish roe we are now launching our frozen roe products.
– Amanda Caviar Nuggets
– Amanda Caviar Burgers
– Food Service – Frozen



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