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Address: Arenales 1645 – 3º piso, Capital Federal, Buenos Aires(C1061AAS)
Telephone: +54 11 4813 8240
Fax: +54 11 4813 8240
Roy Gordon: Executive Chair

The Company
Alpesca is an integrated company, a pioneer in Argentina for the last 25 years in the application of technology to catch and process fish and the leader in the development of value added products for the world market. t is based in Puerto Madryn, Chubut, in Argentine Patagonia where it catches, processes, exports products and manages the operation. The company’s commercial offices and the Trading unit are in Buenos Aires. The core business is the manufacture of fish products of high value, mainly hake (Merluccius hubbsi) and for this purpose the company holds a yearly hake quota of 27,000 ton.

The industrial process is run with state of the art technology. There is primary processing where fresh fish is transformed into a wide product line that includes different natural portions such as loins and fillets that are sold in retail and bulk packs for the retail and food service chains, plus the manufacture of Finished products where a fish base is enriched by a sauce and other ingredients to end up as an easy to cook food solution.
The second important operation is the catch, freezing on board and export of shrimp caught in the icy waters of Patagonia.The company has a fleet of 6 wet fish trawlers and 3 shrimp freezer vessels fitted with the latest generation equipment required to achieve good quality and an efficient operation.
Since August 2001, Alpesca has made significant strategic investments for the development of the company, which completely focused in the manufacture of value added products of premium quality. Production started with a line of natural products for the retail and food service markets; later on in 2004 and 2006 new investments were made to take the great leap to move to fish products with sauces and complements such as the Flame Grill and Steam Fresh product lines.

Our customers are witnesses of our progress and innovative spirit mainly in the European Union, Japan, United States and Australia. We are certified without restriction to export to the European Union (Plant N° 2266) and we produce according to all the international food safety standards (HACCP) established by the FDA. Safety standards certified by BRC. Stringent quality standards are applied from the point the fish is caught and processed up to final transformation preserving quality within the fish “in natura”, that is to say, color, texture, taste and durability.

Alpesca is a company committed with the environment with a clear understanding that its future depends on the application of this philosophy. To this end it has a policy of sustainable development, responsible fishing practices, total treatment of plant effluents, both fluid and solid and is equipped with the installations and technology to achieve this goal.

Additionally ALPESCA strictly follows the guidelines and regulations of environmental control and of the Argentine maritime authorities. Having a clear understanding of the importance people have in our industry and in order to be properly positioned in the future in terms of the professional and technical skill and expertise required, the company has engaged international consultants in charge of transferring know how to help us achieve world standards. This policy has raised the professional level of our staff and created motivation and commitment. Over 1200 people currently make up Alpesca’s team.


Description: Head on shell on, headless shell on or headless peeled IQF wild shrimp


10/20 pc/Kg, 30/55 pc/Kg,
60/80 pc/Kg
20/30 pc/Kg, 55/100 pc/Kg
30/40 pc/Kg, 100/150 pc/Kg
Broken: 40/60 pc/Kg
60/80 pc /Kg

6 x 2 Kg (frozen on board)
12 x 1 Kg or 16 x 750 g (land frozen)
2 x 5 Kg (peeled)
Outer carton dimensions:
430 x 320 x 200 mm.
(6 x 2 Kg, 12 x 1 Kg and 16 x 750 g)
425 x 310 x 185 mm
(2 x 5 Kg)

Description (Genypterus blacodes)
Spanish Name: Abadejo

Frozen, skinless, PBI, graded, interleaved fillets.
Graded H&G

Description (Acanthistius brasilianus)
Spanish Name: Mero

Frozen, interleaved, skinless, graded fillets.

Silver Warehou
Description (Seriolella porosa)
Spanish Name: Savorin

Whole, frozen, graded squid.
Skin on tubes. Skinless, clean tubes



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