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In the United States, AIS Aqua serves as importer/wholesaler and distributor. AIS Aqua offers several sales programs in addition to direct sales to fit the needs of large seafood clients.

The mission of AIS Aqua Foods, Inc., is to provide quality, healthy food products to the international consumer that are produced and processed using environmentally sustainable practices that benefit local communities in the countries and cultures in which we operate.

AIS Aqua Foods, Inc (AIS Aqua) has been in the seafood industry since 1983 when founder and Managing Director, Andrew Kaelin, began large scale shrimp farming in Central America. Since then, Mr. Kaelin has been working in aquaculture production both commercially and as a consultant to the World Bank (since 1989 in both China and Mexico), to the US Agency for International Development (in Russia, East Africa) and to non-governmental organizations (Sri Lanka, Indonesia). The company was converted from a foreign entity (Sociedad Anonima, S.A.) to a US corporation (LLC) called Agribusiness International Services (AIS) in 2000. In January, 2003, AIS was changed to a “C” corporation, and the name was changed to AIS Aqua Foods, Inc.

By taking advantage of its vast experience and extensive network of suppliers and processors, AIS Aqua has achieved a significant competitive advantage in the ability to identify, acquire, and supply safe, superior quality, and favorably priced fish and seafood products. This advantage has enabled us to become the largest supplier of scallops and a significant supplier of shrimp, Tilapia and catfish for chains such as Darden Restaurants (Red Lobster, Olive Garden, etc.) and other US restaurants, food processors and wholesalers. AIS Aqua has two registered brand names in the USA, AIS AquaTM and Ocean SkyTM.

AIS Aqua has a subsidiary operating in China (Kaifeng Ocean Sky Industry Co. Ltd.), directed by Partner and Director of China Operations, Mr. Lu ZhiHua, (”Lucky Lu”). Mr. Lu oversees AIS Aqua’s China and Indonesia operations. This company is a legal Chinese entity, which imports seafood related commodities and facilitates the export of seafood products. The geographic diversity of AIS Aqua’s position in key production areas, strategic relationships with processors, contract production methodology, and buying volume capability allows us to achieve the most competitive prices for the highest quality product. The Chinese operating company has five employees whose focus is entirely on quality control. They are responsible for ensuring that plants and processing methods are up to and complying with HACCP standards; testing product for banned substances such as chloramphenicol and nitro-furans; and testing moisture levels. Testing is conducted throughout processing and loading.

Mr. Kaelin, who spends three to four months in China every year, and Mr. Lu have developed excellent working relationships with the dozens of farmers and processors in China. Contract farming operations, strategic partnerships and exclusive arrangements with key packers enable a maximum of flexibility in meeting the needs of our clients, giving us the ability to provide finished products processed in any form. Our product line from China includes, Scallops, Dusted and Breaded Shrimp, Tilapia, (all forms) Catfish, (all forms) and Calamari.

In the United States, AIS Aqua serves as importer/wholesaler and distributor. AIS Aqua offers several sales programs in addition to direct sales to fit the needs of large seafood clients, including Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI), Contract Farming, and Program Sales.

Program Sales- In Program Sales, we will work with large clients to set a price for a specific overall quantity of product (e.g., 80 containers of scallops) and then develop an importation schedule for each container that meets their usage needs. AIS Aqua will then import each container as per that schedule. All financial transactions take the form of Letters of Credit.

Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)- VMI is a real time inventory system developed in partnership with Darden Restaurants. VMI allows the purchasing department of large clients to program the volume of fish and seafood purchases at very favorable price points, and to include the inventory in their balance sheet during the month it is actually used and distributed. This is an expansion of our Program Sales model to include the holding of inventories in strategically located cold storage warehouses in the United States. AIS Aqua will make all necessary arrangements for holding the inventories including: customs clearance, USFDA clearance, inventory controls, warehousing costs, lab testing and financial costs associated with importing products into the United States.

Contract Farming- AIS Aqua has also developed a Contract Farming program, which guarantees an integrated supply chain and ensures traceability from production to consumer. In this program the client contracts a specified amount of production, and AIS Aqua facilitates production with our farming partners. AIS Aqua arranges the processing and fixes a price dependent upon the type of product (e.g. Shrimp; PUD, PDTO, etc.). The price is fixed for the period of time agreed upon in the contract. AIS Aqua offers the buyer the option to serve as importer of record and to pay by Letter of Credit, or to have AIS Aqua serve as the importer of record.

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