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Head office Address: 3, Ahasan Ahamed Road, Khulna-9100, Bangladesh.
Phone: ++880-41-2832027
Fax: +880-41-725225

Executive Director, (Sales & Marketing): Shahin Zaman (Main contact person) (MSC at HANKEN, Helsinki, Finland)
Te: +880412832027, Fx: 0088041725225
Mob: (BD) 00880 172 4433879
Mob (EU): ++358 50 3219188 (Int. Romaine)

Managing Director: Md. Abdul Baki Mia (Bachelor of Arts)
Te: +880412832027, Fx: 0088041725225

Chief Quality Control Adviser: Md. Ayaz Hasan Chisty (Fisheries and Marine Resourse Technology Discipline, Khulna University, Bangladesh)
Te: +880412832027, Fx: 0088041725225

USA Reprasentitive: Alvaro Sevila
1079 s sundance drive hill, CA 92808, USA
Tel: +1 562 449 5063

CANADA Reprasentitive: Roberto Salcedo
3325 Granby, C.P. 5101, Montréal, Québec, Canada, H1N 3T8
Telephone: (514) 252-0816, Fax: (514) 253-0450

EUROPE Marketing Office
Jokiniementie 5A 9, 006500 Helsinki, Finland


Due to its higher demand and value shrimps are considered one of the most prestigious food commodities round the world. A number of shrimp species are available here in Bangladesh of which the world famous Black Tiger shrimp (Penaeus Monodon), Fresh Water shrimp (macrobergum Rogenbergii), Ocean Tiger (Penaeus Monodon), Sea White (Penaus Indicus), Cat Tiger (Penaeus Semisulcatus), Harina/Pink shrimp (Metapenaeus Monoceros) are a few to mentions which are commercially available as exportable shrimp in Bangladesh.

Bangladesh enjoy a territorial water area of about 20 nautical km from the coast. The exclusive economic zone of the country extends about 320 nautical km from the territorial waters. Therefore, the marine fisheries zone of Bangladesh is roughly above 200,000 km2, which appears larger than the total area of the country itself.
In general, based on their living nature the marine fisheries can be classified into 2 categories namely pelagic, and demersal.

Bangladesh Origin Fishes
When it is said that it is fish and rice that made a person Bengali it actually means inland fishes. Inland fisheries comprises of rivers, estuaries, beels, floodplains, polders, ponds, ox-bow lakes, brackish water etc. Bangladesh has a total of 8393000 hectors area of inland sweet water/fresh water resources. According to a study the total inland fish production during 2007-2008 stands 1 646 819 MT with marine catch total 455601MT. The total production form aqua culture stands 914752 during 2006-2007 which rank the nation sixth largest

We are delight to inform you that Bangladeshi fishes free from antibiotic hazard as a result the EU has lifted their restriction since 28th November 2011.

About Us
ACQUA INTERNATIONAL is one of the most powerful buying/sourcing agents and trader in the seafood industry located in the heart of the Khulna city in Khulna region in Bangladesh where more than 70% of shrimps and seafood are produced and exported all over the world.

On behalf of our global buyers we take full responsibility of sourcing, securing and supplying of high quality of frozen seafood all year around. We just not only do the pre shipment inspection rather we take care of the whole production process from raw material arrival to ship the container including offering the most competitive price, ensuring Net Weight and Counts, Freshness, On-time shipment, document handling, complain settlement (if any) etc. In addition we also provide relevant market information including purchasing behavior of other buyers, availability of raw material, market trends etc.

Our target products include Warm water shrimps/Asian shrimps including Black Tiger shrimp, Freshwater shrimp, Ocean Tiger shrimp, Cat Tiger, White shrimp, Pink shrimp, Brown shrimp. In addition we also deal with verities of seafood including Silver Pomfret, Black Pomfret, Cuttlefish, Ribbonfish, Eelfish, Kingfish/Queenfish, Catfish, Squid, Octopus etc.

Our target customers have been importers, distributors, wholesalers who consume Asian/warm water shrimps and seafoods.
We also work with international sales representatives as per mutual interest.
Our customers are based in all over the world specially in EC countries, the USA, the RUSSIAN FEDARATION, the MID-EAST, the FAR EAST as well as South Africa.
We provide all certification including EU and FDA approval, BRC, HACCP, UKAS, IFS, SGS, etc.
With our VAST experience and sophisticated business mechanism we will feel utmost happy to serve you. We treat every single client as if they are our only client.



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